In Mandarin, we say “rang4.”

In Tagalog, it means “pagbigyan.”

In English, it’s to let someone have his/her way.

Relationships have a lot of “rangs” or “gives or takes.” A couple, no matter how perfect, will have their disagreements from time to time. The only difference is who gives way first.

Pick your battles,” a wise friend once told me. “Prioritize.”

Personally, I’m bad in just giving way. The Singaporeans call it as “kia su” which means that someone is afraid of losing to someone. Hence, when you’re asking for directions, you get obssessive compulsive and ask so many details. You hate to lose your way.

Trader is a lot more understanding as I am. I unfortunately have a tendency to freeze up and turn cold when I’m not pleased. Luckily, Trader picks this up and soothes my volatile moods before they get any worse.

I can’t help it. I have moods, an ever-changing flurry of emotions. And they have nothing to do with my period. Seriously, when I’m not pleased, I make tampo.

Sigh. I must really take after my dad. He was admittedly a difficult person to be with, and without my mom giving way, I wouldn’t be here today. They’re still married after over three decades of togetherness but am sure it’s nothing to do with my dad, but rahter my mom.

Hence, if ever we are successful, I place the credits to Trader.

Trader who loves me despite my many faults, tampos and stubbornness. He who can manage my many moods, and soothe me when I’m unhappy. Me who cannot cook, or clean or do anything remotely domestic.

Because he loves me, I am happy. And I love him back.

*basks in his love*

Btw, have any of you listened to Lady Gaga’s new single, “Telephone?” Totally faboosh! Really catchy and way better than Rihanna’s new tunes. Also, have you heard about Tiger Woods? Heard that he got into an accident because his wife chased him out for allegedly cheating on somebody else.

Wowsa, huh?

If Tiger Woods can cheat, then who is left innocent?

Anyway, super duper tired. Hope all is well!

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One thought on ““Rang”

  1. Hehe, really? Tiger Woods?!! :3

    True, he pissing outside the pot is a bit strange, but this example just simply shows that our reaction is based on our expectations of how he should or would behave. So yeah, that he didn’t fulfilled “my expectations” about him, simply says more about the image [the thoughts] which I had of him, instead of him being himself no?

    Ah well, action speak louder than words or even thoughts! Good luck to his wife!!!

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