Which bird are you?

As part of his workshop, Trader took a psychology test. He shared that people’s personalities are like birds, or at least, according to the person conducting the workshop. They were:

  • The dove
  • The eagle
  • The owl, and
  • The peacock

You can even take the test here to see which one are you, and a brief description of each below:

Personality Test: The Dove Personality Traits

The dove is the symbol for peace. Therefore, a person with a dove personality is typically easy-going and friendly. A dove is a people-pleaser and a team-player. A dove is loyal and hard-working, but tends to avoid conflict and confrontation. A dove likes to play it safe and doesn’t like taking risks. Often, a dove would rather go with the flow than to be assertive in his or her needs. Typically, a dove has a submissive personality. A dove is a tenderheart and tends to think with emotions.

Personality Test: The Eagle Personality Traits

The eagle is a noble hunter. An aggressive bird, the eagle knows what it wants and takes it. A person with the personality traits of an eagle is bold and dominant. An eagle is highly analytical and decisive. He or she can be stubborn and insensitive to others’ needs. An eagle tends to be self-centered and narrow-minded, losing track of the ‘bigger picture’. Where a dove rules with emotions, an eagle can sometimes come across as being devoid of emotion.

Personality Test: The Peacock Personality Traits

The peacock is a showy bird, with its bright colors and beautiful tail feathers. It struts around, flashing those feathers to attract the females. Thus, it’s not hard to imagine that a person with the personality traits of a peacock is someone who adores attention. A peacock loves to be noticed. He or she is gregarious and talkative. A peacock sparkles and is the life of the party. However, the peacock can come across as cocky and irresponsible. A peacock is generally not great with time management or dealing with details.

Personality Test: The Owl Personality Traits

Oh, the wise old owl. An owl knows all and sees all with its unblinking eyes. A person with the personality traits of the owl is logical and great at problem-solving. He or she may be good at mathematics and methodical in everyday tasks. The owl doesn’t break the rules. An owl may be seen at times as a perfectionist, inflexible, and slow to react. The owl is a thinker.

After sharing with me what each bird meant, Trader lost no time in declaring, “And I know what exactly you are — the peacock. Loud, flamboyant, talkative and just can’t shut up.”

Bonita’s reaction: -_-

Not that I disagree but hey, who’s he to make downright assumptions of my personality. Then again, I am guilty of the same — I thought he was more like the owl though Trader believes that he’s more of a dove than an owl.

Sheesh, you kinda have a passive aggressive personality,” I said. “Definitely an owl. And I adore you anyway.”

I think that partners often come from various personalities. Trader and myself’s personalities are different as night and day, the owl/dove as the peacock. However, the way we roll is that regardless of our differences, he cares enough to keep on going, day after day. And I appreciate the same of him.

I think we’re complements,” he said. “Nobody’s perfect and if you find someone just like yourself, then wouldn’t that be too boring?”

Trader tries to guess me. He’s trying to predict my reactions and behavior, with some success. For example, he declared that I will be out and about this week. Not really a super big surprise given that I’m always out and about. And that’s just who I am.

So I guess that’s what relationships are — two different people becoming one. And embracing each other’s differences while respecting the similarities.

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend soon! Nighty night!

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