Thai Amazing Le!

Just got back from a terrific weekend get-away with Trader, and coming back, I really think WE could work. 😀


That’s what I’ve been telling you for the beginning,” my sweet love patiently reminded me.

What?” I murmured as I was trying to book my flight back to the Philippines come Christmas. I was a bit distracted if you can see.

That WE can work,” he replied. “You and I.”

We are already in our 4.5 month and time flies so fast when we’re together, which is around 2 to 3 weeks in between. Life with Trader has been terrific, and I find myself wanting to be with him more and more. Whereas it was slightly awkward in the beginning, now, it seems more and more as if it’s the most natural thing in the world.

I love spending time with him and he relaxes me. When you’re in running around in a hectic lifestyle, these things are very important — finding someone who just allows you to be you, with or without makeup.

Have I told you I love you today?” he said tonight. He had, multiple times today, and I say the same.

Sure, my feelings for him aren’t like the roller coaster ride that I’ve experienced from my past boyfriends, but then again, it had something else which I totally value — Security. Comfort. Much Love.

What can I say? I love the man and adore him. 🙂

Anyway, the weather was terrific when we arrived. The sky was blue and it didn’t even rain despite the bad weather forecasts! We decided for Bangkok to get away the F1 weekend in Singapore and it was really nice just spending time with Trader instead of the loud ruckus of expensive cars.

We went for the Grand Palace in the morning, which was quite nice. Tons of golden things and I loved that the place is still carefully restored.


Does the king live here?” Trader asked. He’s really cute when he asks me this question. Going to the Golden Palace was his idea. Thailand was his assigned city so for the day, he’s in charge. 🙂


Bangkok’s famous palace complex was built in 1782 and features several magnificent buildings including Wat Phra Kaeo (Temple of the Emerald Buddha), which houses a beautiful Emerald Buddha that dates back to the 14th century. The Emerald Buddha was fascinating — the monks changes its clothes depending on the season! Hence, he had different sets of golden clothing for the summer, the winter and for rainy seasons. Cute, huh?!

Trader took a liking on the gardens. He found it quite quaint — “I’ll make this photo as my desktop photo!”


Having been to many of these grand palaces around Southeast Asia, I found the architecture grand, but no means original. The temples are similar to those of Luang Prabang’s wats (in Laos), while the golden steeples are weak compared to Yangon’s Schwedagon Pagoda which can easily make your mouth drop in its grandeur.

However, the company was terrific. They say that the couple’s first trip could make or break the relationship and it’s true. Away from your natural habitats, you can definitely see a different side of your partner that can make you go completely nuts.

For example, it drove Trader crazy when I constantly asked other people to take our photo. He sincerely believes that he can take more decent photos if we took the photos ourselves, which proved to be a pain for photos with both of us in it. “Get used to it, baby,” I said. “I don’t think it’s a problem if we asked people to help take our photos.”


Haha, whenever Trader sees something he doesn’t understand in me, he kisses me and says, “You drive me completely crazy… but I love you.” It’s true what they say, sometimes it doesn’t make sense to understand women. You just love them. And we’re both happy.

Meanwhile, from my end, I get irritated with inefficiency which my laid-back boyfriend found to be quite funny. “Traffic, crowds and slow service,” he said. “What else can you expect from Thailand, Bonita? Their traffic is notorious here!”

He could really see my irritation after we had lunch at one of Thailand’s more luxurious malls – can you believe that they had more brands than Hong Kong’s IFC Mall? Unbelievable!

After we had a delicious Thai lunch, we wanted to go home but was troubled after seeing a long, unmoving line from the taxi stand. Since we were both tired and wanted to rest, it was especially irritating that I wanted to find a cab but couldn’t really find it. And even if we did, the traffic was horrendous!


Trader suggested that we take the MTR, which was a damn good idea at that time. “But why shall we take the MTR, baby? It’s about the same cost, will be as crowded and it will take us a longer time to get there!”

The MTR will cost us around THB 60 for the entire trip with a connecting train in between. A taxi will cost us around the area of THB 100 for both of us. Given the cost-reward ratio, it made sense to be stuck in a cab than a train.

Good thing my boyfriend gently insisted that we take the train. Not only was it faster (given the traffic) but we learned that the trains in Thailand were more similar to Singapore’s. I didn’t even feel that I was in Thailand!

Later that evening, he took me on a nice date to Saffron, which was located at the 52/F of the Banyan Tree. Really really nice Thai food, spectacular evening views and reasonable prices. For example, this appetizer set for two people cost only THB700!


Their Phad Thai wasn’t really in the menu but loved their al dente noodles with their luccent peanuty taste! A real tease compared to their prawn with spicy green curry which I found to be quite… spicy (doh!)


The views are also spectacular as below — nice, eh?


They gave us really nice window seats so we were treated with an amazing view of the Bangkok city lights while dining. But we didn’t really notice though as we were just focused on the delicious food, and even more delicious company. I don’t think that after our initial wave of pleasure in being seated by the window, we took another look. We were so busy looking and talking to each other, and just enjoying each other’s company!

Overall, it was just an amazing weekend with someone I love a lot. Though we had our hiccups (who doesn’t given there’s so many variables involved), we still had a terrific time and came out from a trip with an stronger relationship.

The trip wasn’t momentous but it was a start – the beginning of many more amazing trips to come.

Love my baby! 🙂

And have a great week to everyone! Monday again!

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  1. Sweet! Pictures looking good.

    Well, I think it’s the beauty of it~ you learn day by day and it’s always interesting/astonishing to see what a difference in perspective someone has in a situation. Some may be good, some not~ either way, views change over time.

    Almost weekend!! Take care Bonita!!!

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