“Boom, boom, POW!

These last few days of a comedy of errors.

Case in point, yesterday, I tried for the first time Chinese herbal slimming tea. It tasted like mud, but hey, it should be great for your metabolism… or so I thought.

Instead, my butt has been stuck in the toilet for the last few hours today.

At 4:00 am in the freaking morning, I woke up with a huge tummy ache and rushed to the bathroom and stayed there for over half an hour.

The morning brought me grabbing my tummy and feeling mighty sick. Overall, I think I went to the bathroom 2-3 times in the morning and another time at lunchtime. Bye bye coffee Danish that I had for breakfast, and sweet and sour pork for lunch.

The afternoon sent me to the toilet one more time.

“What the hell is going on with me?” I asked Trader. “I’ve never been to the bathroom so many times in a day!”

“That’s what happens when you drink slimming tea,” he explained as if I have the intellect of a monkey. “It loosens your colon and well, you tend to shoot tons of bullets throughout the day. My mom uses it to clean her body from deadly toxins.”

“Sheesh, just thought that I would have faster metabolism, that’s all” I pouted. “How was I supposed to know?

“Well, did you read the instructions?” he asked.

“Nooo,” I answered. “Tea is tea. You place bag to hot water, and then drink. Not that complicated la.”

Trader’s reaction: \(-_-)/

Trader said that he almost always read instructions nowadays ever since he moved to Singapore.

“Well, at least that keeps me dependant on you,” I replied. “I drink and eat whatever I want and you can stop me.”

Trader thinks I’m cute.

Then I run to the bathroom one more time.

Whattaway to have the day. 🙁

And sorry, too much information I know, but it’s too ridiculous/hilarious not to share!


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