So what about the Ex?

Curiosity got better of me and I met Ex#3 this week for afternoon tea. Trying his best to be the understanding boyfriend, Tader knows about it and tells me that it’s okay so long as it’s in a public place with tons of people.

Ex#3 looks as good as ever, and as unavailable as I’ve last seen him. Not much has changed though this time, we’re more relaxed with each other especially given that we’re no longer together.

He tells me I look great.

Wearing a denim dress that I’ve had for years, I know I do. And was even wearing blue eyeshadow along with it.

We trade barbs just like always, and as always, I was impressed with his great command of the English language. I tease him that he’s old and has gray hairs while he asks me about Hong Kong. I am glad that we’re not together anymore.

He asks me if I’m dating anybody new and I gush about Trader. He asked me if we were serious, and I said that Trader had mentioned marriage once or twice. He said that he wasn’t really suprised.

Everything else was light conversation and then our hour was over. I joined my friend with some fattening German food while he meets a client for dinner at the Mandarin Oriental.

He calls again in the evening but I tell him that I’m tired and off to bed. He respects that and he hasn’t called since.

Yes, it’s never really a great idea to meet an Ex. I’m sure that given the opportunity, the Ex would’ve come over just like that, and we could’ve started another futile episode of trying to make a broken relationship work.

However, I’m seriously happy with Trader, even though there are days where we have our agreements. And though I know that there are some guys waiting on line for their chances, I beg to see where my relationship with Trader is going.

You know, I cannot seem to imagine life without being with Trader now,” I told my guy best friend now. “How can you ever think of ever breaking up with him?”

“Haha, he has you wrapped around his little finger,” my guy best friend teases. “He’s changing you as he goes.”

I don’t know where life will take us, but life is good nowadays, and I am content.

Hope that everybody’s having a nice weekend. Trader and I are having a dinner date tonight over the Internet. Talk soon! 🙂

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