My wedding march

Yes, it may seem as if I’m getting a teeny bit lazier, but then again, I just can’t help but rave about this really nice video I saw online. The video clip was entitled “Let yourself feel” from Esteban Diácono and can be found from this site.

AmazingThe song is called Ljósið (try to pronounce it — I can’t!), and can be found here.

Now this song ranks high to my one of my favorite songs, Pachebel’s Canon in D, which btw, I’d love to use as my wedding march if I ever do get married. There’s just the way that Pachebel’s Canon in D was arranged that when performed by a string quartet, makes the occasion even more special.

So back to the above clip.

Wouldn’t it be great as a wedding march song as well? For my wedding, of course, none of that Bridal Chorus crap by Wagner. No offense made but that instrumental arrangement makes me snort during wedding (*snort* so old-fashioned *snort*) if not yawn.

That’s what you get when you try to be too traditional — you just put yourself and everyone to sleep.

However, if you try something quite soft, sweet and different, people will scratch their heads and ask, “Whoa, where did she get his song? So cool!”

That’s why if I ever do get married, I wouldn’t to get married at the Forbes Church where everyone gets married. I wouldn’t want to hold my reception at the Shangri-La, be it in Manila or Makati. Instead, if I have my way, I’d just invite around 80 people all of whom my hubby and I know, are close to and whom we give a damn about. That should be 40 for me, and 40 for him.

Actually, if I have my way, I’d like to have a super small wedding of 50 people. that would be perfect.

I couldn’t really care less if I don’t invite every person I know. Bleh, what’s the point of getting them to come just to keep the numbers up. Would rather just invite people whom we both care about. 🙂

Honestly, would rather focus on choosing the right guy to marry instead of worrying about making the perfect wedding. I’ve come to terms that wedding’s just a day in the beginning of your shared life together. Hence, if it’s small, cozy and intimate, then that would be just fine.

Because our relationship isn’t really a show.

It’s ours, shared with just a few chosen people who really cares about us.


Tonight, I watched Quentin Tarantino’s new film, “Inglorious Basterds” with a bunch of my friends. The movie was around 2.5 hours long, but every second of that film was perfectly made. Tarantino pretty much held our rapt attention on the entire film.


From the first chapter where a Nazi officer interrogates a milk farmer of some missing Jews up to the finale where a famed German film maker shows his greatest work, Tarantino was brilliant the entire way. “This is the best film that he’s made after Kill Bill. Actually, it’s one of his best,” my friend said after we exited the cinema.

I totally agree. Loved it and ecstatic that  Mr. Tarantino hasn’t lost his touch yet!

After the movie, my friends and I drop by a Mexican restaurant in Soho for a late-night dinner. We order some quesadillas, burritos and nachos, all fattening junk I’m sure but heck, life is too short to count calories.

My friend has started dating this Caucasian man around the same time that Trader and I started dating. Whereas Trader flew to Hong Kong to officially ask me to be his girlfriend, my friend didn’t know what their status was in the beginning. “He liked being with me because he said I was relaxing company,” she said. “But our beginning was never really clear. He didn’t really ask, but we just started hanging out more and more.”

“Trader’s just more of the traditional type,” I admitted. “He’s the perfect romantic.”

She knew Trader as well from university and agrees. “He’s always ‘all in’ in his relationships. He always gives it his 100%.”

“It’s nice,” I said. “It’s really nice to be with someone where it’s clear on what his intentions are. It’s very comforting to know that your relationship is going somewhere.”

Don’t get me wrong guys. I’ve dated three guys before Trader but what differentiates this one from the others was that Trader was serious from the get-go. Unlike the others who kept things casual and wanted to see wher the relationship went, Trader was very clear where he wanted this relationship to go forward to.

You’re the One,” he said in the beginning when Trader still had rose-colored glasses on. “I love you.”

“We haven’t even said ‘I love you,'” my friend slightly complained. “But I’ve been hurt before so understandably, both of us aren’t going in a relationship being 100% committed, right? You have to be more practical and ease in gradually but surely.”

“It’s tough sometimes because he can be really practical,” she continued. “That’s why I’m not all in. When he’s all in, then we’ll see where this relationship will go.”

I so wanted to tell her to read the book, “He’s just not that into you.” Hopefully, I’m wrong but ever since I’ve been with Trader, I’ve come to realize that guys are actually quite transparent.

If they don’t love you enough — and that doesn’t mean they don’t like you because they do — then all you have are lots of questions in you head (as if life wasn’t complicated enough already). They’ll give you doubts, insecurities and a gnawing feeling that something’s off.

But if they love you, they’ll give you the world.

Clear and simple.

Isn’t it ironic that we don’t see each other everyday?” my friend wistfully asks me. “Sure, we SMS and he calls me, bu still. Maybe Trader’s just he clingy type or maybe it’s just a culture thing?”

“Sure, culture has somethingto do with it,” I agreed. “Then again, every couple is different and makes their own rules. If you like clingy man and your guy is clingy, then your relationship works. If you are independent man and your hubby is also independent, then it works. Every couple has their own formula.”

I send her off to the MTR and kiss her goodbye on the cheek.

Then I go home and my baby calls. “Are you home already?”

“I’m almost there hon,” I console him. “Sorry if I took a long time. I was just sending (friend’s name) to the MTR.”

“I’ve missed you a lot today,” he said.

Me too,” I told him. “It’s been quite a long day. Shall I call you in Skype when I get home? Am almost at home…”

“Sure,” my tired boyfriend agreed. His body clock is whacked because of me because he’s more of a morning person while I’m most active at night. “I’ll wait for you.”

As we say our goodbyes, I interrupt him. “Oh and hon, before we say goodbyes…”

“Yes dear?”

“Just want to let you know that I’m very very lucky to be with you,”  I answered. “You really make me happy.”

“That’s good,”he sleepily answered. “I love you too.”

And I smile as I place the phone down.

Have a great weekend everyone! 😀

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