Back and well-tanned!

I’m back from a lovely well-deserved 10-day vacation and will update everyone with travel photos and what-else very soon.

Going on vacation without your boyfriend can be a liberating and miserable experience. When calls cost HKD23 A MINUTE on both sides, you tend to be more prudent in dialing when either of you miss each other. I cannot even comprehend just how much my phone bills are when I get them especially as I’ve been traveling quite a bit last June. 🙁

Actually, there are downsides when you don’t travel with your significant other aside from the cost. It’s such a pity to see something so amazing, and not have that special someone share those moments with you. Relationships are about shared memories and nothing bonds two together aside from sharing lovely moments in a foreign country.

The upside however is the lack of scandals from home.

It’s so funny. Trader and I are planning our first vacation come October, and his parents are already creating such a ruckus. “Aiya, that’s not good leh! Think of her reputation! What would other people think of her when they know you’re traveling together alone?”

Trader’s parents seem to think that staying in a single room while on vacation is a dangerous possibility. Sharing a bed? Ha, wait for a few months and in their minds, you’ll already have grandkids to worry about.

Personally, I think that they have a hyperactive imagination. We’re no longer in gradeschool and are quite responsible in our doings. Having kids is a huge commitment, and are not part of my short- and mid-term horizon.

Still, they’re right about the female reputation. It’s okay for me to travel alone but add my boyfriend in the mix and people would think that you do nothing but get holed in your room exercising.  Sigh, that’s what happens on conservative societies. They don’t think vacations as just vacations.

As if I care though — I’ll still travel with or without Trader, though it’ll be mighty nice if he came along. He’s so far done some damange control and had told his parents that we’re not planning any vacations anytime soon. 🙂

Oh well, we’ll just see what his parents will believe. A downside when you’re dating a Chinese. You don’t get these issues when dating a Caucasian. In fact, you get a lot of sh*t on why you’re already in your 20s and still listening to your parents!

Anyway, we’ve kept in close touch by the cheaper emailing instead. But now that am back, it’s back to the communication grind as well. It’s nice to talk to him without how many moolah per minute am spending. It’s also nice to get back to work after a long hiatus. That must be the workaholic in me speaking.

I did gain a few kilos however — in a mere 10 days! The funny thing about tours is that Hongkies don’t really like to eat anything foreign. They’re simply not used to exotic spices. But me? Hahaha, I think I ate so much that my compadre commented that I have such a healthy appetite.

Sheesh, will just lose ’em in Hong Kong. 🙂

So I’m back and will update soon. Still alive and tanned and happy, and hope that everything’s cheeky on your side of the world as well. Weekend’s coming up! Just a few more days to go so can’t wait!

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