My boyfriend and I are thinking of meeting up in a random country after two months of not seeing each other. He has a long weekend coming up in a few weeks, and we’ve been racking our brains for the right place to travel to.

Our requirements are simple: 1) It had to be someplace I’ve never been and would be interested to visit, 2) It’s close enough and the flights work.

In sum, that takes out the Philippines, Laos, Thailand, China, etc. However, that keeps Saigon, Bali and Kuala Lumpur still open. We finally settled on Bali — it had the right ambience for a couple who hasn’t seen each other for a long while, and it’s a great way to relax after a few hectic weeks at work.

However, boyfriend changes his mind this week. “I’m sorry Bonita but I need to change the dates. My colleagues want to have Christmas off so I may have to take my vacation earlier.”

It gets worse. Instead of a 4-day vacation, he said he can only devote two days (and this includes flying) where he flies out to that country on a Friday evening. I of course, am naturally dismayed. So what’s the point of flying to an exotic country only to leave the day after?

As the avid traveller, that’s a waste of moolah and effort. Would rather walk around Elephant Mountain close to Taipei 101 (just next door). Traveling not cheap eh… the trip would bankrupt me with around NTD10,000 at least, and this is merely for the airfare. 🙁

However, one thing I am is that am especially understanding with work habits. “Okay hon, we can just do Saigon,” I consoled him after a tumulous one-day wait/conversation. “I can just fly earlier and tour the city, and you can follow later.”

He seemed happy with the result. He gets the best of both worlds, accommodating his colleagues’ request and getting to see me one week earlier without taking extra vacation days. Okay, he looks really selfish frmo this moment, but anyway…

I’m sorry babe,” he consoled. “I know that Bali would’ve been a great place to go to.”

Oh no worries hon,” I replied. “Who says am cancelling that trip? I’ve already made the reservations and already asked for leave during those days. Such a pity if I cancel it just because you’re not going to go.”

*two seconds of silence*

But who are you going to go with, hon?” he innocently inquired.

Oh, I have been asking my friends if they want to go,” I replied. “They said they’ll get back to me tonight.”

He nervously laughed. He knows that some guys find me attractive and despite his confident demeanor, he is irked that he’s not here to mark his territory. He tells me that he has to be kept on his toes.

So did he think I’ll change my vacation plans just because he’s not going with me? Ha! The fun must still go on and why not find a win win situation? That way, can see him and also have fun with friends in Bali.

Later on after I checked and changed my flights to go to Saigon, I sent him a message. “It’s final–let’s go to Saigon! Just to warn that would like to tour the Cuchi Tunnels so it can be pretty depressing. However, looking forward to seeing you so should be fun. Been awhile!”

Half an hour later, my phone beeps.

It’s him.

Hold on a minute hon. It’s still not confirmed if I cannot really do Bali. Am talking to colleagues now about vacation days.”


I don’t know whether I should laugh or cry. It irks me that he’s changing his mind again and again (and here I thought I was the indecisive Libran), but then again, I find it funny that he was so adamant of not spending any personal leaves with me, only to change his mind a few hours later given new information.

Guys can be really funny — they try to see what they can get away with. If you overcompensate and give them whatever they want, they start keeping you for granted. However, if you retain your independence, they realize that they have to watch out and try to find a middle ground with you.

It’s true. 🙁

So girls, keep your mind and move to your own beat. I personally think that maybe in the end, we’ll still go to Saigon but regardless of his decision, am okay with it. Because I go to where I want to, not because of him. And because he knows I can do with or without him, then he’ll make it happen.

Take care and have a great week everyone!

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3 thoughts on “Funny…

  1. Over here we have a saying for situations like this:
    “Prošla baba s kolačima”

    (literally translated: “Gone is the grandma with the cookies”)
    Or more in the spirit of the phrase: “Missed opportunity” 🙂

    Honestly, while I find that kind of indecisiveness mildly irritating (but it occurs in both men and women and me too, of course), I would be more worried about suddenly writing to a friend to tell him that I’ve changed my mind and would go with my girlfriend after everything’s been finalized 😀

  2. Well, to be frank.. I’m indecisive (changing plans) when I don’t want to see him/her..

    So, maybe he got a bit chicken about seeing you again? 😛 ..

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