Top 5 Blehs of Fashion 2008

Personally think that I’m not your typical fashionable chick, but there are some trends that I just can’t help but cringe. Blame it on Lindsay Lohan, the Ashley twins, the grungy Mischa Barton and even Lauren Conrad. One look and you’re like, “Eeeeeew, where did they get that?!”

Here’s my top 5 “Bleh” fashion looks that one should just take off the streets and burn:

1) Bubble skirts

Call me crazy but bubble skirts look unfinished.

They taper the skirt up to the knees giving the impression that you have a bigger bum. I have no clue why anybody would wear bubble skirts unless they want to look like baby dolls from Toys ‘R’ Us. To why adults want to look like plastic mannequins is beyond me, but they are just UNFLATTERING.


They make your bottom look like a snowman. Imagine wearing a tight top, and then all of a sudden, you balloon by your bottom, and then cut to two spiny legs.

So do you know what bubble skirts remind me of?


Please show off your terrific form and stop wearing bubble skirts today!

2) Leggings

Lindsay Lohan, you’re cute but seriously, you have got to STOP promoting those stockings that you try to pull off as pants. They are NOT pants, and even for people without eecky-skinny legs like you who make it at least acceptable, they just look WRONG.

Mischa Barton

The only good thing I see about leggings is that they’re cheap. In the street, they retail at an inexpensive NTD100-200 a pair. Not bad la especially in these recent tough times.

However, one should be smart enough to balance cost with benefit, and leggings offer no positive things at all. Sure, people may wear them because they’re “comfortable,” but seriously, why garb something that clings so much to your body that it hugs all the wrong curves, and just looks fugly.

Still scratching my head on how it became such a big a fad. Girls, wear only clothes that look flattering to you. Don’t wear them just because your favorite stars wear them! Sometimes, you have to look at your body type first before taking on a fad.

3) Plastic bra straps that fools you into thinking they’re “transparent” (NOT!)

People wear transparent bras so other people cannot see that they’re wearing underwear. However, maybe it’s a Taiwan thing, but here, people wear off the shoulder dresses/gowns and show off transparent bras! I mean, WTF?!

It’s hard to find a photo online but imagine a cute Taiwanese girl wearing this frilly pink top. She looks great and you see her plastic transparent bra strap peeping out. EEEEEEW!


Biggest culprits are those sexy la meis (spice girls) in the usual computer/auto show. It’s not very obvious due to the camera flash but if you look very closely, she’s wearing a bra with plastic bra straps that show:


The only thing that it shows is the lack of class. If you wear a bra, don’t show off the straps. Accentuate your shoulders and chest area and try to keep the straps hidden if you can…

Look, why not wear a strapless bra instead? The lines won’t show and the look is more elegant. If you find bras that are of the right fit, they won’t fall off anyway. Your bust is big enough that it can hold up the strapless bra. There’s so many types you can choose from — all available in your favorite lingerie store:


4) Formless dresses

If you’re slightly overweight, 2008 was a great year for you! All of a sudden, everybody were wearing formless dresses — you know, clothes that just hangs off your shoulders and doesn’t show off any of your God-given curves at all!

Though perfect because it hides all your little imperfections, it also succeeds in hiding everything that makes you look wonderful! See below:


The sad thing is, a lot of the items you see in Taipei feature these sort of dresses! I have no clue why women love wearing these — they make you look pregnant (or at least, give people the impression that you are), and doesn’t make you look flattering at all!


How did this trend start anyway? And why would people like to wear these dresses? Anyone has a clue?! 🙁

5) Ballet flats

Okay, I admit it, I’ve never been a fan of ballet flats.

For me, the body is a temple and one should show off as much as possible in a classy way. Though am sure that ballet flats are ultra-comfortable, they do nothing in elongating your legs, and probably the only people who can pull it off decently are those who are already extra tall. In any case, they just make you look… well, short:


Even celebs cannot carry it off adequately (see them wearing unflattering leggings too — cough!).

But why wear them if you can wear heels which are even more flattering to your legs? They make you look taller and look good in almost any kind of attire. Of course, you have to wear them to the occasion. It would be silly to wear heels while hiking for example, but you know what I mean.

If you want to go comfy, wear flip flops instead, which look more summery and consistent with the look. Keep those ballet shoes in the dance studio instead!

So there you go, my top 5 list of atrocious fasion trends that I personally can do without. If there’s anybody who feels slighted by my list, well then maybe you can start your own blog praising them to the stars. But I stand my ground — these looks do NOT make anyone look good! One should stay away from them as much as possible!

I started this post with nothing planned for the weekend, and now, it’s quickly filling up! How funny is that! Okay, enjoy your weekend everyone!

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8 thoughts on “Top 5 Blehs of Fashion 2008

  1. I thought that the bubble dresses and ballet flats weren’t so bad as you say (and well, I’m not a fashionable chick obviously, it’s the part of the appeal haha)…
    … but the thing that definitely caught my attention was:

    4) Formless Dresses, picture 2 (and 1), pay attention to the lipstick:

    (You went back to take a look, did you? Good!)


  2. .. gosh, thnx for your latest posts :).. they are really inspiring!!…

    .. I haven’t been taking good care of myself the past few month and I too was one of those chicks who thought that formless dresses where a gift send from heaven… T.T .. (gained some weight and before that, I always wore clothes which accentuated my body)

    .. but yeesh, when I come to think of it.. why should I hide myself behind these curtains? ..

    .. so I’ve taken the steps towards the way which has been paved out for me..
    .. you’re right and…

    “And there’s nothing better than walking into a room and knowing you’re hot stuff. The confidence you get from looking good is just irreplaceable.”

    .. it’s been a long time for me feeling that way, but my confidence is growing day by day :)!!!…

    Take good care of yourself girl!!


  3. I think J Xu you should wear clothes that fit you and not the other way around. Some clothes look good on you, while others look bleh. Use your good judgement to find out what looks good on you. 🙂

    I would look bleh on formless curtains. However, some people may not be as secure in a tighter outfit. What’s most important is to find a good balance of what makes you look good, comfortable and confident. Good luck finding that match!

  4. Can’t agree with you on the ballet flats…! I’m a guy, and even I think they are such pretty shoes, how can you not love them?

  5. Haha depends on the clothes. I’ve always been a heels girl. They make my legs look longer and my walk sexier. But that’s me. Whenever I wear heels, I feel more like an elephant (emphasis on “me” because it’s a personal thing). My walk changes too. 🙂

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