What I’ve Learned…

Do what you love with people that you like. That way, there’s no way you can lose.


The best way to get over an ex? Go cold turkey. Cut him off. Just let it go. Stop contacting him until you wake up and don’t even realize that the day has passed without even thinking about him. Don’t be such a martyr and stay friends. You can do that when it’s years later, you’re both happily married and all this is just a nostalgic memory. Till then, go cold turkey.


Break-up sex? Sure, seems that everyone does it after a break-up. Why sleep with someone new if you can sleep with someone you’re already comfortable with. But if you do (and it’s a free country), don’t get pregnant. Guys, use (your) protection. BUS is already complicated as it is.


Love like there’s no tomorrow. Sure, your heart may be broken into itty-bitty pieces and cracks may still be there till you’re old and frail, but at the very least, you’ll never ask yourself, “Is there anything I could’ve done better?” What ifs are the best way to screw up living.


Be financially sufficient. Don’t depend on your parents or your boyfriends for money. And there comes freedom-you can date whomever you like, and leave him when he treats you like crap. Oh, and you get to buy that bag you’ve been eyeing for weeks without the guilt.


A true friend drops her boyfriend on day he’s leaving if you call and say that you need her. A real friend gives when it’s inconvenient for her, and she does it because he’s a real friend. Everybody else is fluff.


Why care about what everybody thinks? Every one has an opinion. If you’re out there trying to please everyone, you’d end up miserable and even then, somebody will still hate you. Instead, choose a select few, the people you care about and know who cares about you, and then listen to what they say. Mind you, you don’t need to follow their advise, but at least, let them air out their views. And for the rest? Who cares what they think?


Exercise is tough but you still have to do it. At least once a week. Try walking to work. Walk after a heavy meal. It’s hard but you’ll feel better afterwards. And there’s nothing better than walking into a room and knowing you’re hot stuff. The confidence you get from looking good is just irreplaceable.


I don’t care what lifestyle choices my friends decide on. But if I am dating you, I’m sorry but I will care. Because you’re with me. And I sure do want to be with someone whose lifestyle choices I agree with. Otherwise, you can just be my friend. I don’t need to date you.


Don’t drink that 4th shot of tequila. One is being polite. Two to get you buzzed. Three is pushing it. Four is barfing in the side street and feeling like crap the next day.


Date a guy because you like him and he likes you. Don’t date someone just because you’re lonely. There are toys to pleasure you, friends to keep you company and work to keep you busy. There’s no excuse for dating a loser just because you’re desperate for company. It’s not worth that drop of self-respect.


It’s true what they say: if you love yourself and think that you deserve to be loved, you will get it. If you don’t demand the best for you, you won’t get it. Guys are lazy. If you’re always up for a booty call, you can’t blame them for making you the booty-call girl. Heck, they won’t even treat you to a nice dinner. Why spend the money if you can get it for free anyway? They’d rather take that hard-to-get self-respecting girl out instead.


Having MSN or instant chat firewalled from work is a great idea. I used to waste 50% of my time chatting via MSN. Now that I am barred from doing so, I get more work done.


Will it hurt if you asked people about their day? Their families? My colleagues would mostly call their contacts to ask for data checks. I usually call to inquire about their health, their lives and the weather. Who do you think gets more things done?


You may dislike your parents but you can’t exchange them. You get them from birth. The best way is just to make the best of what you have. If it gets really hard, just remember what sort of sacrifices they’ve made for you and it makes loving them and their idiosyncrasies a lot easier. You look at yourself and mutter, “Heck, I wouldn’t want me to be my own kid!


So eat that piece of chocolate. Indulge a bit. But you don’t have to eat the whole bar. A little piece is enough to give you pleasure, and minimize the guilt.


Make your word as good as gold. When you agree to a deadline, you keep it. That’s how reputations are made, and that’s how successes will come your way.


Life is consistent. You can’t be a good person at work and a bad person at home. When you look at a person, you see how he/she behaves in and out of the workplace and you then find out what type of person he/she is. A person doesn’t change his spot and honey, nothing you can do will ever make him/her different.


When a person pleases you, you say thank you. You look at his eyes and let him know. When something makes you uncomfortable, no matter how trifle it may seem, you also let them know. It doesn’t matter what is right or wrong but the other person has the right to know how you feel. And that is what you call communication.


If you don’t get an interview after sending out 10 resumes, it’s not the local economy that’s the problem. It only means that you need to send out a few more resumes. To start, how about 10 resumes a day till you get the job.


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