What keeps me up all night?

No, not the neighbors screaming?

Or the couple next door moaning?

Or my math homework jogging my brain?

Sure, work’s a reason but that’s not the only reason…

So what keeps me up all night?

Here you go — freaking addictive. Have you read it yet?

Just kept nodding my head althroughout. Not of sleepiness though it’s a factor, but of wonder.

Ayn Rand sums up life correctly. I can really empathize with Dagny Taggert’s mindeset.

Scary, huh?


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1 Response to What keeps me up all night?

  1. Dragonstalker says:

    Ayn Rand is very famous for surreal atmosphere and strange moral outlook, I’ve always wanted to read one of those books!
    Though what keeps me up all night… nothing! I sleep like a fallen log! I’d like to lie and say “writing poetry” but that activity is much better for the morning anyways…

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