What keeps me up all night?

No, not the neighbors screaming?

Or the couple next door moaning?

Or my math homework jogging my brain?

Sure, work’s a reason but that’s not the only reason…

So what keeps me up all night?

Here you go — freaking addictive. Have you read it yet?

Just kept nodding my head althroughout. Not of sleepiness though it’s a factor, but of wonder.

Ayn Rand sums up life correctly. I can really empathize with Dagny Taggert’s mindeset.

Scary, huh?

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One thought on “What keeps me up all night?

  1. Ayn Rand is very famous for surreal atmosphere and strange moral outlook, I’ve always wanted to read one of those books!
    Though what keeps me up all night… nothing! I sleep like a fallen log! I’d like to lie and say “writing poetry” but that activity is much better for the morning anyways…

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