Am home early on a Friday night because am just so freaking tired. Been overtiming the past couple of days, and at worst, got home at 4:00 am yesterday (or shall we say today?).

But that’s the fate we choose. If the deadline is today then we do our best to submit it today. If we’re so used to saying, “Mamaya na” (A little later), then what sort of career integrity do we have?

Hence, yesterday, I vowed to myself that I was going to finish my project even if it meant not sleeping! Nonetheless, it didn’t take me that long to finish (I was expecting NOT to get home) and managed to submit my work (hopefully done well) on time.

But today, am a bit tired and burnt out.

Of course, I came to the office a bit late without any makeup in my face. However, it’s only those who have tons of times in their hands even have the energy to make themselves look beautiful.

Anyway, just leaving a note saying goodbye to my previous life and starting to post more religiously via WordPress. Hopefully, I won’t need to change my blog any longer (as mentioned, this is my third time), but it’s just a hassle when everybody’s privy to your life and there’s no sense of privacy anymore.

In addition, it’s a serious pain when people take you against your words. And it’s so hard to censor your words anymore.

Okay, gotta rest. Hope all is well, and will try to post more often.

Hope you’re partying hard and not reading boring blogs like mine. If so, what’s your excuse?

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