The Best of Both Worlds?

Which would you prefer if you were an employer?

Someone who is dependable, stable and can stay on for a few years, but is so well used to the comfortable lifestyle that she lacks the drive to exceed the limits of her job description and excel?

Or the person who promises the stars but you’re unsure on whether she’ll stay on for give or take 1-2 years? You think that she’s merely using this job as a jumping board to get into the “glamorous” financial industry but will be disillusioned after she finds out that banking industry is not synonymous to a non-grungy job?

Where can we find a better balance of the two — someone with drive, and yet someone whom you can rely on? These days, we doubt those whose CVs are peppered with job stints that last only a few months…

Sigh, as I’ve said, leave it to fate.

And yet, personally, I find myself leaning towards the tried and true. At this rate, I would like someone who can deliver — not dazzle me with bright colors and lights only to disappoint because they’re out of gas.

Any idiot can promise you the world. But it takes someone with a great sense of responsibility who can deliver it to your feet.

So how about you? Your thoughts?

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7 thoughts on “The Best of Both Worlds?

  1. Why choose one or the other? Soup or salad? Both! Always order both!

    It depends on what needs you’re trying to fulfil. Old ‘n’ Reliable vs The FlashBang are two very different personalities.

    If I were an employer with a sizable company – I’d probably require both types of candidates, but for very different types (and levels) of roles.

    For me it comes down to responsibility. The more responsibility a position holds, the more trust you require of the person fulfilling that position. However you can’t magic trust out of thin air, trust is borne out of experience and collaboration.

    Those people out there with the right balance of drive, passion and reliablility definitely do exist. Sometimes they’re easy to spot – the ones who’ve been in the field for years, and yet still have the energy of a fresh graduate… but most of the time they’re people that you have to discover yourself.

    There’re two ways to sniff these types of people out. You can either sift your way through the sea of recruits and eventually a few sparks will turn up.

    Or, as good as you might already be at “reading” people, step up your game and become even better at it. Tune yourself to really spotting the ones with genuine talent and develop an instinct to the point where you can trust your gut implicitly. After that, things will just seem to come naturally.

  2. Brian, everytime you comment, I likey. 🙂

    But yeah, what you said made me think. Hopefully, we can find someone good and loyal. Crossing our fingers lo!

  3. Finance

    Much like the myth of the Exotic Orient

    Which can also be the Exhausting Orient

    It’s all about work.

  4. Work makes the world go around. Everybody wants to BE in Finance, not knowing that being in the industry comes as a steep price.

    Worth it though. Nothing more exciting than Finance. 🙂

  5. Finance is a lot like having a paper route in North America.

    You wake up really early.

    You carry a heavy load.

    You give the customers what they want.

    Oh, and you use really simple math.

    The big differences are that finance does pay a just bit better, and the wardrobe is definitely better.

    Exciting? Yes, for the right people. What other industry do you learn new things every day, discuss them with other people, and get paid for it? It’s a non-stop cash-flow positive grad-school-like experience.

    Ultimately it can be summed up with the Ps:
    Perfection (unattainable)
    Proactive analysis
    and the most important ones at the end

    oh yeah, AND….



  6. Agree with all above AIT. But push/pull? What do you mean?

    Just got home from work. Tiring day. You know what though, don’t really do it for the $$. Given the recent economic situation, don’t think we’ll expect a lot of bonus this year. A lot of my friends/colleagues got laid off this year. For most people in the industry, they’re just happy to have a job.

    But believe in fairness — if you work, you get rewarded. Am hoping company remains true to word and rewards winners appropriately. Otherwise, there’ll be a large exodus come bonus time (or the lack of it).

    Well said though. Analogy sums up the industry well. Bravo!

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