Knowing my Future Husband

I sometimes feel that I am waiting for my better half.

Where is he now?

What is he doing?

Has he thought of me as I have sometimes thought of him?

A fortune teller once told me that I’d meet him when I’m in my thirties. My heart leapt a beat.

Being single all these years, I was starting to lose hope that I’d ever find my significant other! All I’ve had were a myriad of men who often had a few things on their minds and none of them are to get to know who I really am before wanting to get intimate with me!

“So is he handsome?” I asked.

“He will make you happy,” he mysteriously answered.

“Oookay, well, will he be rich?”

“He will make you happy,” he again repeated.

Hmmm… given his indirect answers, am now thinking that my guy is NOT handsome or wealthy. Damnit.

“So will he be tall? What’s he like aside from the fact that he can make me happy?” I persisted to ask.

“Kou cai hao (He speaks well),” he answered with some finality.

Okay, so my future husband will make me pretty happy, which I guess is the most important thing anyway.

Oh well, at least, I will still get married.

At this point, am really losing hope that I’d find the one!

Happy weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Knowing my Future Husband

  1. “Kou cai hao (He speaks well)”

    Hmmm. Could he be a Toastmaster? 🙂 Are you still a member?

  2. Who knows? We’ll see… no longer a member as life has dragged me to many different directions. 🙂

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