Advice from a Grey’s Anatomy Addict

Meredity’s greatest mistake in Season 3 was when, given the choice between Derek and Finn, she flips a coin and the best she can say is,

I’d like to date… both of you.”


He/she who hesitates is lost. He/she who is indecisive does NOT get the guy. Now, I have no clue what comes next, but it all comes downhill from here.

If you cannot make up your mind to seriously start dating a guy, then most likely, the Window of Opportunity closes, and your life just passes you by. Personally, if I was Meredith, I would’ve picked Derek. Sure Finn hand-delivers lunch to your heart-broken roommate, but Derek is the love of my life.

But then again, IF I was indeed Meredith, I wouldn’t have been up till 3:30 am watching Grey’s Anatomy, would I? Case closed. Time for bed.

Here’s dreaming about McDreamy!


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