My dreams

Yesterday, I heard that my company was doing a dream. For a moment, my heart stopped. It excited me. It was then that I realized that I want to be an investment banker. When, where, how? I don’t know. But I want to be one — if only somebody can hand me a rulebook on how to be one.

I dream that he is with me, the person who makes me happy. He’s seen me without makeup, on my bad days, when I’m in an irritable mood, or when I’m acting like a kid. He calls when he said he would. He’s not scared of me, in fact he likes it that his woman is both weak and strong, sweet and yet fair, smart and yet vulnerable. He likes taking good care of me, pampers me like crazy, and makes me smile. We share interests, and yet, we are both whole. Not one of us completing each other, as we’re already complete by our own right.

My dad doesn’t lose his temper. He’s not paranoid. He’s at peace and treats my mom well. My mom smiles a lot. My brother too. My sibling is successful in his own right and is dating a woman who is more beautiful in as she is out. I am proud of my brother, and my parents are proud of me.

When will I reach these dreams? Think that they’re called dreams for a reason. They’re things we’ve yet to attain, we’re still working towards to. I am getting tired of my job, must be the year-end itch and it pains me to be wasting my time doing what I’ve been doing for the past year and a half, and feeling no change. I am a small potato who remains a small potato. I think of going home.

I am lonely. Forgive me, but I go through bouts of these negativity sometimes. The good news is that tomorrow, I get to enjoy two nice meals with my business contacts. Yummy. Bad news is, get to pay tax in the morning. Yihaa. It pains me that I have to switch to this lonely blog because of others. Sometimes, I am tempted to post again in my own blog, but after thinking how much privacy is lost, I put that thought past. Freedom Raven, think on how free you can write despite whatever thinks about you.

Okay, gotta shower. Hope I’ll be more inspired to post the next time. Be good you guys!

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