Ha. Ha. Ha.

Email exchange between Raven and Hong Kong guy yesterday:

Raven: Must be my imagination but did you drop by the office today?

HK Guy: Yeah, my evil twin brother went to the office in Taipei today. 🙂

Raven: Really? He’s pretty cute. A bit taller than you actually.

Raven: This is a tad embarrassing, but just wondering, is he married…? Btw, don’t tell him I asked you that!

HK Guy: He is actually gay, you may wish to consider his twin brother who is straight and single and is actually funnier. 🙂

Raven: Really? Damnit! 🙁 Sheesh, how many brothers do you have anyway? Didn’t know you were part of a triplet!

Raven: Yes, if you don’t mind, please make introductions to your straight, single and funnier twin brother. He sounds like a dream — so what’s the catch?

HK Guy: The only problem is, he’s impotent…


Ha. Ha. Ha.

He’s right — he is actually funnier. 😀


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3 Responses to Ha. Ha. Ha.

  1. ann says:

    what a flirt! eyeloveit. haha.

    hope to catch you online soon… i need some career matters straightened out. 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Darn, I never thought that I’d hear of such a conversation outside of Sex and the City… that was wordplay way beyond awesome!


  3. Blackdove says:

    Impotent – What if he really is?

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