Random Thoughts

Random Thought #1

My laptop has around 2 GB of dismal hard drive left.

I need an upgrade.

My friends are pushing me to get an Apple Macbook Pro. “No viruses,” they raved.

Unfortunately, for the lowest end specs, the stylish Apple machine already costs NT$39,800. However, a durable boring Asustek notebook PC brings me back NT$32,000. Not bad for an Intel Core 2 Duo (T7500), 2 GB RAM, 250 GB hard drive, 802.11 n and DVD drive burner!

The greatest problem in switching to a Macbook is that I’m a Windows user. Hence, I’d have to learn all the software all over again. Meanwhile, am not sure how seamless Macbook programs can synch to Windows? For example, if I need to write a document and send to my boss, how hard will it be if I was using an Apple PC?

Get the Mac,” my friends shout. Sheesh, as if money grows on trees. I’d really have to think about this as I usually use my laptop for 4 years or so. Hope I make the right decision!


Random Thought #2

It’s M’s birthday today and he’s most likely celebrating in Barcode. As you can see, I am not invited.

Admittedly, I am a bit disappointed.

Regardless, it does prove that he wanted a casual romp in the sack.

Thank god for good values.

I am still disappointed though. We are human, after all.


Random Thought #3

I like climbing with SimpleGuy. Too bad he doesn’t like me in that way.

I hate it when guys are just friendly. That was supposed to be me — friendly and unapproachable! However, how can I also kinda fall for my climbing partner?

He asked me to join them climbing outdoors tomorrow. Unfortunately, I already have a prior engagement climbing with somebody else so just had to decline. You kinda have to after your climbing partner reconfirms your date with you… aargh, must not be too nice in the future!

Ooooh, to help me get over my sorrows, I eat Cold Stone’s Apple Ala Mode Ice Cream. They’re yummy and admittedly, I feel better…


Random Thought #4

Our doorscreen is broken and a huge rat stole into our living room. He’s hiding in the shoe racks. The landlady’s daughter is trying to get him out.

I laugh.

I know it’s mean, but it’s kinda funny.


Random Thought #5

Anonymous asks me about the blogs I read. To start the day, I check celebrity gossip from Trent’s blog. I know, it’s a bad habit but can’t help it!

Then, I read Kenny Sia’s blog. He is from Malaysia but his posts are hilarious! Thanks to Kenny’s recommendation, I’ve discovered a sarcastic fashion blogger who I find interesting at times. Sarcasm do get you somewhere. Of course, the Dilbert Blog rocks too.

For some Filipino fun, there’s Sorsi’s blog.

Another amusing blogger is this young woman who calls herself Cheesie, and she writes a lot about fashion, her dog, her travels to London and other things she finds amusing.

When he does post, Ozzyboy makes me laugh.

I also like reading blogs that are somehow financial related such as Jeff Matthews is not Making This Up, and Investment Banker’s Take on Life.

Sometimes, I read Singapore blogger’s XiaXue’s blog. However, have no idea why too many people read it (she boasts of 20,000 readers a day). Maybe people love the pink superficiality of it all!

So what are your favorite blogs to read?

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6 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. I am actually slightly… ah…how to say, philosophically opposed to blogs. At least in my surroundings (a term valid even in expanses of the Internet) which forms my initial opinion, blogs are often used as just a weak form of attention seeking, where people list things like “today I did XYZ please comment/I’m feeling XYZ please comment” without any regard for outside world, quality or taking into account what someone might be interested in. It is a kind of a poor diary-writing habit running strong being spilled over onto the internet, which is regretful but unavoidable. I could say the same of Facebook’s overblown emotes and such but hey.

    Sounds elitist? πŸ™‚ I wonder that as well, but for those reasons a vast majority of blogs never hit any chords with me nor did I write my own more than two posts.

    The only two blogs which I actually check occasionally are that of a close friend of mine, and yours (! πŸ™‚ ) which indicates that friendship overcomes some of my distaste for blogs, and that you frequently write interesting and insightful things in a warm tone I appreciate. Hope that means something positive to you as well!


  2. Raven, Quick comment from a guy on your Random Thought #2.

    Don’t be so sure that a random romp in the sack is all he wanted.
    It’s true, adult men are horny, goal oriented, and like to express their affection for women through physical means. Sex for a man is an exchange of energy and intimacy, and quite often leads to the man falling in love with the woman. This is how it works for a man – and yes I know it it different with women.
    Women fall in love and then have sex. Men have sex and then fall in love. This is important for women to understand.

    I had sex with my wife on the first date and we ended up falling in love an getting married. She is a fantastic wife and lover. If she had rebuffed me on that first date it probably would have turned me off, and I would have moved on to someone else.

    I’m not trying to criticize you regarding your philosophy about sex and, I’m just trying to point out your conclusion that he was only interested in a romp could certainly be incorrect. Truth is, neither you nor he can say where that “romp” would have led to. As men, we can fall in love at the drop of a hat, but usually it requires physical intimacy to make the hat drop. It’s just the way we are wired. Food for thought.


  3. Aw shucks Goran, thank you. What you said, means a lot. πŸ™‚

    Brian, true that. Thank you for sharing. However, your post makes me a bit sad. Does it mean that I’ve missed my chance for true happiness? In a way, I did find M totally attractive. However, I just couldn’t do it. Admittedly, am not wired for a casual romp in the sack. I cannot get intimate with a guy until I actually know this guy would still want me to be there the next day. Does that signal some sort of incompatibility?

    Don’t get me wrong—I like M, and I am really sorry that he did not call back.

  4. Raven, can’t say that you missed anything with M. Could be he decided halfway through the date that you weren’t his type, yet still attractive enough for a one nighter.

    Or could be things were going along quite well in his mind, and then he was turned off or offended by your reaction to his advances.

    Hard to say without being inside his head. (not to mention I have only a general idea of the whole story from what you’ve posted).

    I can understand that you want to be intimate only with someone you feel will be there in the morning… seems natural to me. My advice would be just do not underestimate how important sexual intimacy is to adult men, as they’re going through the process of falling in love. Sex generally isn’t something we do after we’ve fallen in love… it’s how we express affection, and therefore is important to the very process of falling in love.

    Hope that makes a little sense. Women view it differently I think, yes?


  5. Well Brian, we’ll never know won’t we? Guess in M’s case, all we can do is trust a Higher Power. I’m a firm believer of fate and if things don’t work out, there’s definitely a reason behind it. So it didn’t work out this time. Hopefully, we won’t make the same mistakes the next time. And even more, the guy would have the patience to wait before I’m ready before trying to push for something more physical.

    Don’t get me wrong… I think sex is a beautiful thing. I definitely don’t underestimate sexual intimacy in the process of love and relationship. However, I don’t think it’s something we freely do with every Tom, Dick and Harry. And if the guy respects you and hopes that you’ll be there tomorrow as well, then by golly, hope he waits a bit longer for you to get comfortable before he makes a move.

    Let’s just hope we meet someone patient enough to do that. πŸ™‚

    Thanks B for a married guy’s POV!

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