I’ve realized…

…just how practical I can be.

This afternoon, went to the Chunghwa Telecom Head Office after being told that as a “Platinum member,” I am entitled to a new phone, which could be discounted NT$1,500.

My current phone is the Nokia 3210, which I bought for around USD 75 in New York. Super cheap and of last year’s model, the Nokia 3210 has been sturdy enough to last this long despite all the drops and abuse.

The Nokia 6120 caught my eye — white, beautiful and oh-so-stylish, if I get the NT$983 deal (to maintain for 6 months), I can buy this baby for only NT$1,990.

It has a 2MP camera and is 3G so I can take it around, no worries. Meanwhile, since my bill has almost always been above NT$1,000, paying the NT$983 should be a breeze.

Of course, if I went for the Sony Ericsson k501i phone, I don’t even need to pay! That is, if I got the most expensive plan…

After thinking hard about it though, I still walked away. 🙁

Okay, so am too cheap to upgrade to a new plan. Despite overpaying almost every month (though I don’t know where all the calls are being made), I still find it hard to get stuck in a plan where I can no longer revert back to a 2G plan. Sure, I may be paying over NT$1,000 a month, but still, my phone bill could be controlled by me.

In addition, my old Nokia 3210 still works. Sure, it’s kinda embarrassing to take it out when am out with clients (oooh, cheapy phone), but still, it can text, call and wake me up in the morning. What more can I ask for?

Why replace your phone if it still works, right?

Sigh, better control my phone bill expenses. Getting expensive le!!!


Meanwhile, am suffering a bit because I’ve taken the passive tactic when it comes to relationships.

Whereas before, I wouldn’t hesitate to ask a guy out, this time, am taking it easy and letting them ask me out instead. I figured, if a guy really is interested, he’d make a move.

It’s hard though. Last week has been wet season so guess got a tad arrogant. This week however, it’s been dry season again save for a simple text from him asking me about the show, and hope that my castmates aren’t upset with me for being late for practice.

Despite my happy reply, I didn’t get a reply back. Aaaargh! Men!

However, I’ll give him his space la. He’s just been through a tough time so I think it would be good to give a guy some time and space to really decide if he’d like to get into another relationship so quick and so sudden.

Anyway, I have a feeling we’ll see each other before the week is out. However, I wouldn’t want to be the one to ask him out. Been laying down the hints heavily, so we’ll see if he bites. Otherwise, oh well… life moves on.

Okay, back to work lo. Hope all is well with everyone! And hope that I have enough patience to wait for him do something.

Wakanga… so slow le… okay, better get myself busy!

Take care!

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  1. I admire you for being thrifty. If I were in your place, I would grab that SE K501i immediately! 🙂

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