Question: "How do you know if a guy isn’t serious?"

Hint: “If he invites you up to his hotel room on the first date.

Rationale: If he really cares about you, he wouldn’t want to f*ck things up by inviting you up.

What if the invitation upsets you and he’ll never see you again?

People know that asking people up on the first date is risky. He’d rather wait for better signals at a later time before making his move.

Besides, there’s still other chances (indicating he’d like to ask you out again).

Raven’s reaction: Sh*t. That’s just too damn bad! Aaaargh, so that’s what happened with PN… He was cute too!

Raven’s second reaction: Oh well…


Sorry again to interrupt my chronicles of my Laos trip. Nothing is more frustrating than completing an entire entry (and a pretty good one as well), pressing PUBLISH, and then having your PC hang and Firefox shot down!


The whole entry, gone!

Hence, I’ll be re-writing it again tomorrow. Sigh, so apologies for the short break and decided to publish instead what has been on the Raven archives for awhile.

Btw, some new happenings in Taipei:

I am one of the bridesmaid for a wedding this February. So, when I first went to the bridal shop to fit some clothes, imagine my surprise when I found out that in Taipei, bridesmaids are allowed to wear dirty white!

In the Philippines, one is not allowed to wear anything remotely to white, because that’s the colors brides wear. Hence, you can wear blue, green, red or whatever color you want save for black and white!

Unfortunately, it’s not the same in Taiwan — here, you can wear cream or white.

Hence, it’s going to be an interesting party with 6 other women aside from the bride wearing cream, with the guests wondering who the heck is getting married!

Oh, and one more thing — white or anything remotely to it makes me look fat. 🙁

I looked like a suman (Filipino sticky rice) while trying on clothes yesterday… 🙁

Hence, I can definitely fit in the dress if only I diet for the next few days leading up to the wedding, and if I can suck in my breath till the wedding ends…

Aaargh, the thing I do for friends!

Anyway, speaking of weddings, my boss yesterday asked me why I didn’t attend my Ex’s wedding last Sunday. You see, my boss and my ex know each other…!

Talk about an embarrassing question.

Cause I wasn’t invited,” I matter-of-factly answered.

That’s weird,” my boss replied. “I thought you guys were good friends?”

Ummm… so how do you answer that sort of question considering not to many people, including your boss, does not know the nature of your relationship with your Ex?

Answer: You shrug it off hoping that they’ll just give up their question.

Sigh, hao ma fan o…

But not as ma fan as my entire entry disappearing! Sucks!

I’ll just try again tomorrow…! 🙁

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