Girl Talk

I think in life,” my girlfriend thinks aloud as she sips on warm buttermilk Indian tea, “there are lessons we need to learn.”

“And they will continue to haunt us,” she continues. “We’ll be making the same mistakes over and over till we get the lessons right.”

For example, I hate to write reports,” she illustrates. “But for the life of me, I keep on getting jobs that has to do with writing reports! I’m destined to learn how to write reports and actually enjoy it, or continue to suffer for it.

I nodded. I felt the same way with writing and math. I’ve tried running away from it, but my first job was as a writer, while the second deals with finance.

It’s the same in relationships,” she said. “You have to learn your lesson, or attract the same type of men… get hurt the same way over and over again.

The problem with us is that we’re too nice,” she comments. “We have to actually learn NOT to be nice and say no once in a while.”

I agree — how many times have I heard the phrase, “I love you, but I’m not in love with you?” Sure, he thinks I’m just the greatest, but often times, being nice just ain’t enough.

Being nice is comfort in a cold wintery night, but it doesn’t turn up heat up as it should in a relationship.

Being nice is nice… but you somehow feel bad because you feel as if you’re taking advantage of the other?

Being nice makes you likeable but it doesn’t necessarily make them WANT you.

Yes, NOT being nice is a lesson I need to learn.

Saying “yes” is great, and keep the customers back. Saying “no” at the right times make you worthwhile to come back for.

Tired, gotta sleep. I’m not making too much sense now, but hopefully, I can rewrite this someday to something more legible and logical.

So be nice… or not.

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