Call me "Daisy Duck"

If I was an optimist, I now know what Angelina Jolie feels like…

But if I was a realist, I now know what a penguin feels like…

*big sigh*

After coming back from India, I don’t know what the hell I ate or whether it’s the rapid change of weather, but for some reason, my lips developed an allergy.

They started itching come Tuesday, started becoming more uncomfortable and later painful in the next coming days…

…and now swollen it’s three times their size!

That’s a rare picture of my body part in its naked glory — ain’t showing off any more!

Trust me, they’re as big as my eyes, nose and ears combined!

They also irritate me like no tomorrow that I called up long distance to shout S.O.S. from my sister who’s a doctor, pleading her to save me from such misery. 🙁

Finally, I waved the white flag and dragged myself to a dermatologist who perscribed some a whole bag of pills and an ointment which helped my lips from drying off thirst.

For some reason, my lips can’t seem to rehydrate themselves! They’re dry almost all the time until I slather them with ointment after which they feel a lot better.

Without that ointment, it’s like as if my main source of life is gone. Very very good ointment.

Of course, going to Citizen Cain for a business dinner and trying out their spicy pasta (which was absolutely delish) and drinking an orange mojito (kudos to that) didn’t help…

Or sleeping very late for a few successive days mainly because I’ve been working my ass off till 2:30 am to 3:30 am in the morning!

I know!!! My life’s absolutely crazy right now.

To top it off, some friends have dropped off the face of the earth (okay okay, they’re just in Malaysia) so am pretty much a loner now.

That’s the reason why I haven’t been updating too much.

When I get home, it’s already around 3am-ish, and the reason why am even online is because I left a little bit earlier today around midnight.

Absolutely crazy freaky.

I’m turning into a company slave. 🙁

*cries herself to sleep*

No-la. My boss just gave me a pretty substantial task of organizing an event in New York come September.

The problem with New York?

12-hour time differences!!!

Heck, so whenever I liase with my New Yorkie colleagues, I have to do it in the freaking evening — cause the hell if I’d wake up so early in the morning!

Such is life.

Anyway, it’s a rare day that I find myself going to bed this early so gotta sleep now.

I just came up with a story and hope I find time to share it with you.

It’s kinda sad… but true.

Take care!

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3 thoughts on “Call me "Daisy Duck"

  1. Euhmmm, to speak out the name of the “problem” directly feels for me like saying Voldemort, but….O.K….so I will talk only about “the name of you know…” (however it seems to be that you are not longer thinking, that you are having an allergy 😉 My mom gave IT to me, when I was a child, nice gift. It came out first time when I was 13 years old, I had it every 2 or 3 month, all the puberty time, TERRIBLE . Actually I am having “daisys” also these days, my lips were looking like mince meat, now it getting much more better. I hope to be back in “kissing condition” until coming weekend, as I put myself in quarantine the last two weeks.

    I am still not quite sure if we are
    having the same problem, but I found a new cure beside these ointments: thermal treatment:it is a kind of locking like lipstick, working with batteries.The tip is gold plated, heats up to 50 degrees celsius for 4 seconds “THAT HURTS!!!) but it keeps down the blister, because the rootcourse is simply cooked and the albumen casing is destroyed, hehee. Unfortunatly I discovered it to late, when half of my lips already went into a battlefield. I only could prevent new ones.
    I hope this could help you in future.

    All the best and good luck.


    P.S. Some Chinese collegues told
    me, that actually we are having
    ghost month (even the worse since 70 years…) and that I must not play my bamboo flute in the parks
    arround TienMu and YangMing Shan,
    specially after nightfall. What is
    your opinion, are you superstitious?

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