Potential Stalker?

Lisa is freaking out and thinks Vietnam guy is out of his mind.

Well, that was my initial judgment, until a call with my Taiwanese friend Karen said that this is how Taiwanese guys show their sincerity.

His only fault is that you’re not that interested in him. That’s how guys in love show their sincerity.”

Lisa disagrees. “He’s not in love, he’s out of his mind.”

God, hope I don’t have a potential stalker in my midst.

That would really suck. I don’t need that hassle right now.

Is this how Taiwanese guys chase after girls? Regardless on whether the woman is interested or not, they still pursue and come what may?

From the looks of it though, he’s kinda nuts. How can you like someone in 5 days? And is it now that his life is incomplete with no information about me?


You shouldn’t have written too much,” Lisa scolds me. “If he ever calls you, just tell him your boyfriend is back to taiwan and you would like to spend time with him and you plan to go to US to be with him in one year of time… just to shut him off.”

Hmmm… maybe I can ask Top-Climber to pose as my boyfriend. He has muscles and tattoos. πŸ˜›

But kidding aside, this can get serious if not handled properly.

And as they say, “Better safe than sorry.”

Heck, so if you ever see me disappear, you know what happened then…

Hope he just leaves me alone. I don’t need this mafan anymore. πŸ™

Are we overreacting and is this a normal Taiwanese response? Frankly, have never really been pursued by a Taiwanese…

Or if you think this concern is valid, let me know how to handle it tenderly. Don’t want any crazy to go crazy on me. πŸ™

Night night.

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  1. Yup, she’s the general manager. Cool gal — been in TW for 18 years! Pwede nang magkaanak e. πŸ™‚

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