Tonight, I had a luscious dinner at one of the most expensive French restaurants in the city.

At least NT$3,300 a pop + 10% tax in a meal that lasted almost 4-hours, and serving a supposedly delicious chef’s specialty, La Petite is so famous that clients from Singapore fly all the way to Taipei just to try it out.

And the most ironic thing is…

Because of my stupid cold, I couldn’t even taste a thing!


Chris, I will kill you for convincing me to go ice-skating last Sunday.

God must really be laughing. 🙁

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3 thoughts on “Irony

  1. hey! get well soon! to answer your question in the cbox… yep, i’m in taipei. been here for 5 months, doing my MA in intl communication. so far, so good.
    i explore the city if i have the time out from school work. but even if i dont, i try to go out… clubbing, most of the time. never been to room 18 tho. 🙂

    visit my blog…

    hope to hear from you soon.


  2. Wow, doing good. An MA? That’s the right way to go.

    Where do you go clubbing? Gosh, I’ve been to a lotta places, but 18 seems to be the best so far. I’d like to try out Face and Lava, which newly opened, but waiting for my friend Dave to come and visit Shanghai.

    Do I have to sign in to visit your blog? I don’t have a Xanga account… 🙁

  3. ahh… La Petite… I have been hearing more about this place and it’s definitely on my to-do list… it’s too bad you couldn’t taste anything! boo! any pictures??

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