Sick — AGAIN!

Phew, how the weekend just went by so fast.

Resulting to poor lil’ Raven with ANOTHER cold. Yes baby, am sick again. 🙁

Damn, either the flu virus has again been going around, or my immune system just really suck.

Anyway, on Friday, after OT-ing till 11:30 pm, I dropped by In House to chat up with some old and new friends. It was pretty cool, and a drink is exactly what I needed after all that extra work. Plus, I tried out their new mix “Red Apple” (NT$220) which I daresay was pretty good!

Saturday went by so fast, with yours truly joining some friends for ANOTHER (yes, I did it again) round of Cashbox KTV.

Fellow Pinoy T was in town so we all gathered at Cashbox near Songjiang and sang again to the tunes of Tata’s “Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy,” Britney’s “Oops I Did It Again,” and the ever-funny “Wish I was a Natural Woman” because Vic sang it:

It was fun especially since being with your fellow Pinoys remind you the beauty of being one. In general, I found the Filipinos more happy-go-lucky and more sincere, a huge relief where you have to keep appearances in lil’ ol Taipei.

After some KTV, we dropped by your local Subway place where I ordered their salad for the nth time this week (in these couple of days, ate their salads 3X!). At this point, am pretty sick of it already, but it’s the only healthy choice:

And then, where else did we go but the newly opened DUNKIN DONUTS!!!

The lines were decent and we got first dibs. The dough is a tad crumblier than Mister Donuts and sweeter too. My American friend felt that Mister Donuts had a more Japanese feel, while Dunkin Donuts had a more American feel ’cause it’s sweeter and reminds him of his childhood.

As you can see, tons of doughnuts were ordered…

But I reigned the temptation to grab some and just resorted to one cinnamon donut with apple filling (NT$30):

Totally love the taste — the dough was powdery with cinnamon powder and I’ve always been an avid fan of apple filling (sorta miss the apple pies back home).

It was a tad too sweet for my taste though (reminds me of the ultra-sugary Krispy Kremes, though not as sweet), and I still prefer Mister Donuts better, but still, it was equally filling if you don’t mind the extra calories. 😛

Oh and who can forget the munchkins?

It was pretty good, but if you’ve got to choose only one flavor, their chocolate ones are still the best, and then the cinnamon coated babies. Don’t even go for the sugary ones. It’s just sugar all the way!

Afterwards, watched Borat and it was pretty funny.

Totally loved the scene where Borat gives an important American government official a gift — some cheese from his country Kazakhstan — because it was the “polite” thing to do.

After taking a bite, Borat said, “That is milk famous in my country… that come from milk from the tit of my wife.”

The government official had a look that was so classic, it was hilarious.

But it wasn’t really my day and all the fun and KTV caught up to me and again, by Sunday, I was literally barking.

Raven is sick… again!

But did that deter me from going out?

No way.

Guess what I did?

I joined some friends ice-skating at the Taipei Sports Arena:

Yes, am completely suicidal.

My thought was, Since I was already there, hey, what the heck. And of course, it didn’t help that my friend CW said that temperature has nothing to do with being sick.

And of course, after skating, I was feeling worse and headier than ever — damn!

Still, joined the group for some tasty dimsum nearby and it was pretty nice!

So overall, a pretty great weekend. Sure, I am again sick, but at least, got to study, ice-skate, go for KTV, eat at the newly opened Dunkin Donuts and watched a movie.

Unfortunately, all good things have to end and so does the weekend. So hope you guys have a very productive week ahead and take care of yourselves!

Don’t get sick like me!

*Cough, cough!*

To end, a postcard from PostSecret that echos a tinge of how I feel at the moment:

Yeah, life is great, and being single is great.

Not to sound desperate, but sure would be nice to share the joy of being alone with someone else.

Take care now!

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2 thoughts on “Sick — AGAIN!

  1. Stumbled upon your blog by coincidence when I was searching for gyms in Taipei. Read a couple of pages then a done so once again now. You get me embarrassed by how little I can produce compared to you giving that you seems to have yourself pretty occupied to be blogging almost every day. Just like to comment the fact that Philippine people seems to be quite happy and into singing. My only experience of the Philippines was a trip to Boracay this autumn. The people there were singing every time they had a chance. Felt quite funny to go into a store and be there by yourself and have three young girls singing beautiful songs for you while you shop around. The waiter at our hotel also sang every time that he thought that he was by himself by the bar. Very nice and funny at least for me.

    Keep up the happy rhythm and singing since the atmosphere in Taipei can be a downer sometimes.


  2. Hey Peter, thank you for the comment. And unfortunately, I don’t blog daily now since I’ve been caught up with all the activities at work and organizations, but I try. The Philippines is a beautiful place, and very lucky I was born there. You’re right, the people there are just happy, and glad you cited singing as a good example on how happy people are. The Taiwanese despite their prosperity and wealth have something to learn from the “lowly” Pinoys.

    Hope you visit again and leave a commentary! Where’s your blog?

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