It’s 2:00 am and I’ve been so far satisfied on how the week’s turned out.

One thing for sure, life has been very different.

Whereas my life used to be one party and social gathering after another, it’s now become a lot stabler, more “normal” so to speak as with yours has now truly been spending most of her nights alone (yes the girl who hated to be alone savours her down time) — and yet is fine in the solitude.

I remembered one night I was at Aussie guy’s apartment. He was shocked upon knowing that it’s been awhile since I’ve had any “me” time.

How can you stand it Raven?” he asked, “For me, given the choice of staying at home and enjoying myself versus the companies of idiots and bores, I’d rather have the former and stay home. Besides, when I’m home, I stay away from all the temptations available.”

Well, it doesn’t help that he’s staying in a lush, NT$35,000 studio and has a maid to clean up after him every weekend. Plus, he’s Cancer, and these peeps are typical homebodies.

Ironically, three months later, I completely understand what he’s been talking about.

I love my “me” time. It’s great — I get to be really productive as I spend it either working out at Alexander, eat non-fattening food, or studying for some upcoming exams. I get to enjoy time doing whatever I want without the hassle of entertaining others.

So how was my week?

Let’s see — on Monday, I went to the dermatologist as the changing weathers has caused my face to break out in a minor rash. It was very irritating as usually, my skin’s very well-behaved.

Unfortunately, the rapid climate change and traveling back and forth Taiwan and Manila didn’t help, has made my long-suffering skin break out. Awful, awful — and yet, it brought me for the first time in a clinic, and after 4 years in Taiwan, managed to use my jien-bao ka (health insurance card) for the 2nd time.

What’s more, I got to try out the Haas Restaurant at Nanking East Road, which served great pasta, and even better service. Seriously, it’s one of the few restaurants where servers all smile and are sincerely concerned with your food.

Trust me, I’d go back there again — great value I tell you.

On Tuesday, we had to entertain some clients at the 1010 Hunan Cuisine, great place to eat and their ribs are just divine. Vegetarians, stay clear of this place as there’s so much meat, you’d prolly choke. But definitely, great food.

Wednesday was some Toastmasters action, and I’d have to post the C9 Speech I made on “Why Philippines?” sometime soon… after which, I still went out for event #2: My friend’s Relyn’s birthday party at Dozo and met fellow Pinoy contact there, Willy.

So much fun — the food’s terrific with tons and tons of grilled beef and cucumbers. Dozo’s ordinarily a bit on the pricey side but because Relyn’s a personal friend of Dozo, we were given a cool discount and paid half of what we should’ve paid.


There goes my diet.


For Thursday, read “The Devil Wears Prada,” and it was a pretty funny book. Oh and tried some new treats at Warner. Check.

Anyway, as for tonight, after working overtime till 11:30 pm (yes, that late), I managed to clock in some social time finally, and met up with some friends at InHouse.

Tried out their Red Apple Cocktail (NT$242) and it was delish.

Prolly transferring my loyalties from Dita Cranberry to this new treat. Mwah!

Overall, great.

So we shall see how the weekend goes — just got an invite for ANOTHER KTV for tomorrow. And after that, for Sunday, there’s some ice-skating action at the Taipei Sports Arena.

40+ people expected, baby.

Unfortunately, I can’t skate but my presence is demanded… sooooo, prolly just bringing my books to study.

We’ll see.

Am taking it easy for now and see how things go.

So you guys behave and don’t get drunk this weekend!

Ciao lo!

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