Have read about a Miss-America scandal happening on the United States lately, and can’t help but comment because it’s really turning into a circus.

It’s turning into a heated issue. Simply said, Miss USA Tara Conner, was caught drinking while underaged, was caught with traces of cocaine, and french-kissed Miss Teen USA in public.

That’s Miss USA, Tara Conner.

But in a twist of luck, she was forgiven by Miss USA organization head Donald Trump and was given a second chance where we saw her bawl in public and expressed her profused thanks.

She’s now in rehab.

21 years old and already in alcohol rehab. Her and the 20-youngin Lindsay Lohan. WTF is this world getting to?

Anyway, Rosie O’ Donnell got pissed and started trash-talking Trump. Of course, Ivanka didn’t want her dad trumped, so she caught in a now silly-looking war between Trump and Donnell.

In lieu of the recent news, another victim was caught in the backlash — Miss Nevada’s racy photos three years ago of her semi-naked, again kissing other women and simulating oral sex.

Well, this is the picture of her all clean and dandy:

And pictures of her major boo-boos that I’ll post, mainly because it’s hard to believe the evidence without seeing them with with your own eyes:

Licking her other girlfriend:

Then making out with ANOTHER girl:

Her flasthing us her thong:
And her boobs:

If you think they’re not that raunchy, there were also pictures of having her cr*tch licked through her panties by another girl, and then vice-versa, some girl sticking her tongue on Katie’s ass crack, her doing something with a girl’s nipple and having her breasts licked by some guy — all of which can you find on the Internet (because I will not post them on my blog).

Sorry guys!

Anyway, Miss USA officials, including Donald Trump, last month stripped Rees of her tiara and the chance to compete in the national pageant after the photos appeared.

To which Katie, who also doubles as an aspiring actress, replied, “When I saw them I was just devastated. I was shocked. I’m not proud at all, but what is done is done, and all I can do is move forward.”

“We were just out being goofy girls and celebrating. We had a few drinks, which I don’t condone, but we were just having a good time,” excused Katie.

Her logic is, because they were taken before her reign of Miss Nevada, they shouldn’t have stripped her off the crown, especially now since Miss Tara Conner was given a second chance by trump. Because Tara was forgiven, she SHOULD be forgiven as well. And because she was NOT, she was treated UNFAIRLY.

“These are things that I didn’t do during my reign as Miss Nevada,”
she claims. “These are things that were done three years prior to knowing that I would be a public figure.”

“I deserved that title,” she continues. “I deserved everything that it embodies and I worked hard for it. I don’t see why these pictures change the person that I was when I won it.”

Do you know why Ex-Miss Nevada?

It’s amazing how one’s logic is so screwed up:

1) You may have worked HARD for it, but so did the other girls — I’ve seen the other photos of fellow contestants and they are also equally beautiful, with personality and prolly smart — and none of whose semi-naked pics have been distributed all over the Internet!

2) You knew your past would snap you in the butt sooner or later.

What’s past is past, but then again, it HAS happened, and things you do in the past do have consequences. Am sorry that you’d have to pay for them now, but still,you didn’t think you’d get away with it easily?

If you do something stupid, it will BITE YOU BACK in the future. You just hope it won’t bite you back as hard. You can’t say because it’s in the past, all is forgiven.

Sometimes, it’s what you do in the past that makes you regret the most — hence, I think that I and everybody else should be careful on what you do in the future.

3) You were just having a good time because you were drunk and goofy.

A lot of people have done silly things when they’re drunk. Heck, I’ve had my own fair shares of things I’ll never do again, and I only did because I was intoxicated.

But that is not a good excuse — people should take responsibilities for their actions. Drunk or not.

Let me put it this way:

The rapist gets excused because he was drunk and horny.

The wife who cheats on her husband and her kids because she was drunk.

The drug addict who gets pardoned for murdering somebody close to me because he was high.

Drunk or not, high or low — drugs and alcohol make you do stupid things. And I’m sorry if pics like these led to Miss Katie’s stripping of her crown, but sorry, you have to own up at least to your actions.

Sure, you feel sorry now, but maybe let it be a good lesson to everybody on how we should be careful on operating when drunk and/or high.

4) And lastly, this is where GRACE comes in.

Forgiveness — personally, I don’t think we ever deserve it, so to speak.

For example, I silently cringe when my friends say, “My parents bore me, so I DESERVE to be taken care of.”

Or when somebody said, “I’ve been in this company for XXX years, I DESERVE to be promoted.

Sorry, but I don’t agree.

It’s amazing how perks become expectations and things that are given out of the goodness of their heart, can now be taken for granted.

Grace is FREELY-GIVEN by the person.

Hence, though it would be great if Trump equally forgave Katie, it would be good if you can hope, but if you didn’t get it, bow down gracefully and own up to crimes of the past.

It brings me to mind with God as well.

We don’t DESERVE to go to Hell…

Well, who created you? Who sinned? Who screwed up?

And yet, God’s grace is immense and He gets to choose who to forgive or not.

Because he made all the rules.

True, it may sound unfair to us who seem to be mere pawns of the game, but heck, without Him, would we have been created? Would we even be here?

I think that at least God DESERVES the right to decide whom to forgive or not.

Same with Trump — as co-head of the pageant, he has the right to decide that Miss Tara Conner gets to keep her crown and Miss Katie Rees gets to lose hers.

If you’re Tara, good for you.

As for Katie, sorry, but really, though it was in the past, what you did was indeed undeserving of the crown.

Pageants were created to find representatives of the nation / city / area. For example, the Miss Universe pageant doesn’t only features the most beautiful women in the planet…

They also feature women that are representatives of their country, their culture, and everything we should be proud of.

That’s why winners aren’t chosen not just because they had the sexiest bodies and the most beautiful of faces, but they are also chosen for their community outreach programs, their dreams in life, and their ability to do good to mankind.

Shoot me, but sorry if am still being optimistic about pageants.

Anyway, before I digress… so people from Nevada should ask themselves…

Do we really want a semi-naked Katie Rees cavorting with the ladies and CAUGHT IN CAMERA making out with women and having sexual pictures representing our state?

If anybody says yes, slam them cause they’re crazy.

So guys, let’s learn from Katie’s “hard” lesson and behave even when drunk. Who knows? You can’t change the past, but heck, we still have the power to decide how our past can be made.

Starting today. Right now.

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