Do you believe in superstitions?

People who read this blog know that I pretty much believe in horoscopes. After being asked what my zodiac sign is for the millionth time in a row, I looked in it and decided that there were some accuracy in discovering what that person’s horoscopes is.

*Haha, should’ve listened earlier — knew I shouldn’t have started dating Ex#2 and Aussie guy — as Cancers, they were very incompatible to my sign. Anyway…*

But I don’t really believe in fortune-tellers. You’d have to pay to get your fortune told, and for some reason, that has led me to think that most are just in for a few bucks.

If I were to believe them, it means that I’ll be financially well-off and that people will always support me throughout my life (perfect target for gold-diggers), BUT, I’d have a sucky, unreliable love life (oh, the horror!).

Well, the fact that my love life is pretty much zilch right now is besides the point. I am still young anyway, and how’s a smart, sexy (cough, cough) lad like me die a spinster, right?

Think positive Raven… think positive… 🙂

Anyway, but what if your family believes in it, and finds out that the guy you’re dating has a very, very unlucky name.

This is what happened to my girl-friend (who unfortunately had very superstitious parents who believed in numerology) who after over 5 years of singlehood, discovered that her newly-acquired boyfriend (and yes, she’s very happy) had bad numerology.

My father just called and said that I absolutely have to discontinue dating J,” she gloomily shared. “He said that according to numerology, J will have a very unlucky life, and whoever his wife may be, his bad luck will spill-over to her, and she’d have to take care of him throughout her life.”

“It does make sense however,” she continued. “All the girls he dated were all older than him, so were always supporting him.”

“But that’s what bothers me! I want to be babied, not the one to baby and carry the burden of somebody else,” she moaned. “I’ve dreamt of a pretty comfortable life and living. Tai xin ku ye bu hao ba (Too much hardship isn’t very good).”

Hao can o (Such a pity).

But that’s the thing, will it be okay for you to marry down instead of up? How much would it bother you to know that future married life with your significant other would end up in certain doom? Will you still be together with him at all costs, because you care for him?

Or would you rather look at other million fishes in the sea…?

That’s the thing,” I commented. “Don’t really particularly believe in numerology. If he makes you happy, by all means, be with him. But on the back of your mind, what if numerology IS true, then what? You have to live with the consequences.”

“That’s exactly the point Rave,” she said. “What if it’s true? Then what?”

I told her that they’ve just started dating so she should look into him further and see whether they’re compatible or not, instead of worrying about his luck. Personally, I believe that we make our own lucks, and God help me if I end up poor and starving.

But my friend wants a pretty good lifestyle, a comfortable home and all that glam. She is already bemoaning that since he is 3 years younger than her, it’s her first time to go dutch on dates. “Usually, the guy insists on paying,” she not-so-subtely complained.

But the guys you used to date come from glamorous financial backgrounds,” I shared. “But that doesn’t mean that they love you or are reliable. Pros and cons la.”

Ah, do you yourself believe in superstition? If you were in her shoes, would you break up with a guy just because your parents think he has future bad luck?

Well, what do you think?

Haha, at the very least, if fortune telling is right, I’d have tons of money but will be pretty lonely. Sigh, of all people in the world, why should I have a sucky love life?!

But that’s not the point, at least, if you’re looking for a sugar mommy, am still available. 😉

You’d have to wait about the money for now yet, am still drastically poor. But heck, after 40 years, who knows. I’d be swimming in $$$ by then hopefully. 🙂

To believe, or not to believe… that is the question.

So do YOU believe?

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