Today’s our second office Christmas party for the entire bank (We had our first on a lovely French dinner and wine-tasting event at La Petit — more on that on later notes).

And with every Christmas party, there’s also a corresponding theme to the event.

This year, it’s Tai-Ke.

OMG. What the heck is a Tai-Ke?!

Googling the term, I discovered that Tai-Ke used to be a deragatory term describing a binlang-chewing old Taiwanese wearing a wifebeater shirt, tightened-belt shorts, socks and bathroom flip-flops. In other words, clothes that are corny. For the ladies, it’s the binlang lady look where you wear almost next to nothing *catcalls and whistles in the background*.

In recent years, the “Taike” have been a hot topic in the media. Just who is a Taike? Is it a sloppily dressed tough from southern Taiwan sporting a perm? Or is it an older guy riding a customized scooter in blue and white flip-flops, holding a plastic bag? Or maybe a bleach-blonde betelnut beauty boldly wearing a skimpy outfit?

Answer: All of the above!

Now, it describes the “profound spirit of Taiwan:

The term taike has been in use since the early 1990s and referred to someone who had a low-class attitude or style that was not fashionable. For instance, wearing sandals, trousers and even a shirt rolled up, was considered tai (台) — as opposed to smart or cosmopolitan.

The term has been subverted and has gained street credibility over the years. It is now used to describe someone like MC Hot Dog, who is down-to-earth, wears baggy or hip-hop style clothes and is cool. Wu Bai and Bobby Chen are taike because they are seen as quintessentially Taiwanese.

Despite being here for 4 years, I am so OUT of the local Tai-Ke culture. Who the heck is Wu Bai or Bobby Chen?!

Anyhow, NOW, Tai-Ke is COOL.

It shows that you’re proud of the local culture. You’re not afraid of going against the grain and look stupid — because hey, it’s your culture. Be proud of it.

Hence, the costume for tonight’s party — winner for best costume gets NT$10,000!

BIG sigh.

The best I can do is wear my neon-striped green halter-top mini-skirt dress (read: sexy), neon blue baseball cap (nothing shouts Tai-Ke femme fetale than a baseball cap) and knee high black boots. Don’t really have the accessories for it, but that should do for now!

The funny thing was, when I got in the office today, I was wearing this bright olive green tanktop, blue knee-length skirt and a tai-ke looking jacket… people were asking me, “Is that your costume?! Wow, so Tai-Ke.”

My god. I could’ve died laughing.

NO, it’s not even my costume — it’s casual Friday.

Heck, you know what, maybe I can really do Tai-Ke after all.

Ironic because am not even Taiwanese.

Oh well, let’s just corny things up then!

P.S. Going home for the Christmas Holidays (December 23 – January 1)! So excited already. My mom’s preparing a big bash, and yes, my brother took the liberty of setting me up with 2 dudes!

Oh no, so mortifying.

Gotta work out the fat then! See ya and have a great weekend!

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  1. Wu Bai is a famous Taiwan singer well loved by the younger generation. He is also well known in Mainland China as well as among the overseas Chinese (mostly TDKs).

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