After finally having the time to think, it dawned to me that there were things that I felt bad about lately.

The feeling stemmed from last Thursday where I attended the last Oriented event at Cosmo Grill. There I bumped into friends of friends whom I felt didn’t like me at all.

Now, usually I’d go tell them to f*ck themselves and not be bothered by their silent accusations, but after a day has passed, I realized that yes, I AM BOTHERED.

The story behind is that they think that I’m dating their friend’s ex-husband almost immediately after they got divorced. It’s because a lot of people have seen my guy friend and I together a lot and having a blast. We’re also very touchy-feely (as we’re both very affectionate beings), so a lot of assume that something more than friendship has been brewing between us.

Actually, the fact is, we’re just very good friends. In fact, I can say that at present, he’s the best guy friend I have in Taiwan. Truth be told, we avidly share some common interests and just get along very well. We’re each other’s best confidante and it’s great hanging out with him.

But that doesn’t mean that we’re sleeping with each other, you know.

Geez, people can be so closed-minded sometimes. They think that if you hang out a lot, you’re dating. Great, and what happened to platonic relationships?

Still despite the truth being different from people’s perspectives, it still doesn’t change how other people, particularly these girls’ opinions of me.

Man, if looks could kill.

It was freezing cold in the room given her stare. Brrrrrrrrr….

And what’s worse, the silent accusation was totally unfounded! 🙁

I think bottomline is, am not really bothered that some people don’t like me. However, in this case, I think the reason on why they dislike me is really unfair, and I feel bad for being judged when I’m the innocent party!

But what can I do? Give my guy friend up just because of some closed-minded peeps who can’t even take the effort to ask me what the real deal is?

Over my dead body.

So I suffer in silence, bothered but quiet. Who can I share this with? My guy friend? Absolutely not.

Sharing this with him will just add fuel to the fire and cause no benefit whatsoever. What can he do anyway? Nothing. People will always think whatever they want.

Shall I talk to these women and explain? What for? They’ve already made up their minds and if they’re that easy to judge, well then, fly a kite ladies.

Sigh, sometimes you just can’t please everyone. 🙁

Haha, what’s funny though is that they take so much time and effort b*tching about their friend’s ex and I, when everything’s totally untrue. Wah, what a waste of negative energy! So unproductive!

Girls, move on with your lives la, and stop talking about other people. For me, it just looks very self-righteous.

I can imagine them now talking about bumping into me then:

The nerve of that girl, being all smiles and talking as if she didn’t do anything wrong. Darnit, she stole (ex boyfriend’s name) from (friend’s name).”


Oh, get a life.

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