Christmas Vacation

I have a few days of break during Christmas time — 10 days in fact.

India came under consideration, but upon seeing that half of the days are spent in a car traveling from one point to the other, as well as its higher costs (do I have around NT$60,000 on hand?), the idea was chucked and the person who I was supposed to go to decided to go herself.

Secondly, there was Korea. Unfortunately, the trip was fully booked and I don’t know how much fun I’ll have skiing in the freezing cold for 5 days (anticipation and memories are fun before and after, but it would feel terrible if you freezed your ass off).

And lastly, there’s always the Philippines. Heard Boracay is great in December and shamefully, I’ve never been. However, I’ll be visiting Manila come February for Chinese New Year break, so it should be okay to delay the trip till then.

So finally, here’s my final choice — Jiu Zhai Gou — one of Mainland China’s hidden treasures. I surfed upon this link a few days ago, and was astonished that such a place even existed. I knew I’ve vowed to my parents not to go to Mainland China, but heck, for this place, I wouldn’t mind making this an exception!

Here are some pictures others took to share on what it’s like if I went sometime during Christmas.

Beautiful ain’t it?

Heard that people are encouraged to go and check it out every season — because every time highlights a different phase of natural beauty.

Cost-wise, the tour was relatively cheap: With tax, it costs NT$17,300 + NT$2,500 visa charges. That’s half of what I was willing to pay for India, and three times cheaper than my friend’s trip! Hell, it’s even cheaper than Phuket!

Haha, that’s the problem of being bitten by the traveling bug ever since last year when I went to Cambodia 1, Cambodia 2, Cambodia 3 last year December, followed by Phuket and Mywanmar!

Really expensive, but oh so worth it!

So off I go!

The only questions is, can we get 15 people signed up for the tour? If not, it’s out and may have to stay in Taiwan, or heck, go back to the Philippines (which ain’t that half bad).

Oooh, am so excited lo! I think I do deserve this vacation after working long hours, and where else better to go?

Wish me luck and that plans go well. Till then!

Whoot, it’s T.G.I.F.! Whee…! Okay, so I may serve overtime tonight, but as always, there’s tons of great things to do.

Saturday’s a bit of a blah, maybe some partying.

But on Sunday, there’s a brunch, KTV, and even a wedding!

Should be fun!

Ciao lo!

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Vacation

  1. Can only agree, Jiu Zhai Gou is totally beautiful! Did u go? My GF although says it´s suppost to be more beutiful in the autumn colurs, but she´s been wrong before :-). The price stated looks rely attractiv if the flight there is included.

  2. No I didn’t! Instead, I went back to the Philippines to avail of my one-year ticket! Good thing I had a blast though. But definitely, JiuZhaiGou is my next stop after Vietnam. 🙂

    Thanks Peter for leaving a comment!

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