Movies and Women

Sometimes, we look at a guy and his woman and immediately, a thought pops into your mind — What the heck are you thinking?

It’s not that she’s butt ugly (’cause that’s another story), but frankly speaking, there’s nothing in the upper regions ‘cept for blue skies and butterflies.

In other words, nice face/body…

But no brain.

Regardless, while climbing today, my best bud and I shared a “Eureka!” moment. We talk about a lot of sh*t when climbing, and today was no exception. Meaning, we just say whatever’s on top of our heads at that moment.

You know what R,” he begun, “Come to think of it, I’ve never really had an intellectual conversation with either A or B (girls he dated). Sometimes, I wonder what it’s like to actually date someone you know… more intellectual.

“Buddy, I often talk intellectual with my potentials,” I replied. “And look where it got me — nowhere. I mean, last time I bumped into Aussie guy, we talked about economics for goodness sakes!”

“True, but I mean, I’ve been through girls who don’t really talk smart and it just didn’t work out.” he suggested. “Makes me wonder what if I tried something different?”

I smiled.

Maybe it’s like choosing movies to watch,” I said. ” Given the choice, would you rather watch a comedy, or a documentary?”

“Oh you mean like watching ‘Big Momma’ and Al Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Truth?” he continued.

Yeah,” I answered. “Ask yourself this, sure, documentaries are educational and interesting, but do you want to watch documentaries every single day?”

That’s true,” he said. “Girls with brains can be a bit too ma-fan.

Hence the appeal of the not-s0-smart woman,” I concluded. “After 8+ hours of using your brains and experiencing pressure at work, guys don’t really want to think anymore. They’d rather go home, talk about the weather and then tell their women to get naked. Easy.”

Makes sense — if you have too much of an opinion, it’s just too ma-fan (troublesome) for guys. Whereas it’s great to have a girl who can think in the workplace or in a social environment, having a girl who can talk intellectual at home ain’t that necessary so long as things are “fun.”

So maybe my friend Alston is right — in today’s society, brains are no longer a necessity in finding a wife (unless you hope that your kids will be smart too). Rather, it’s the other attributes such as consideration and tenderness (in other words, submission and bowing to the guy’s wishes).

We girls think guys are complicated, but they really aren’t.

Their needs are pretty simple really, believe it or not.

And being with someone with brains are a preference, but not a necessity.

Agree or disagree? Feel free to discuss.

This girl is exhausted! Can’t believe how fast this weekend flew! 🙂


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3 Responses to Movies and Women

  1. @l says:

    The really smart woman would realise when it’s time to ‘talk about the weather and then get naked’ and that’s not all the time or even most of the time. ^_^

  2. mr pogi says:

    most guys only need good food, great sex, and a remote control…and maybe a beer or 2 after a wild one! 😉

  3. raven says:

    Haha, and I thought you would give guys more credit than that! 🙂

    Gosh, hope there’s more to men than good food, great sex and the remote!

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