When God closes the door…

…He opens a window.

Last night, I had a slated date with my friend CW, who unfortunately forgot his standing appointment. After emailing him asking about it, he wrote back:

“SHIT. Arrrrgh, sorry! I completely forgot. There was a note on my desk that said “T Thur” and I couldn’t figure it out … I wasn’t even drunk when I wrote it and I still couldn’t remember.

Anyway, damnit, sorry, that is my fault. I agreed to help someone with a magazine article tonight, and tomorrow afternoon I’m headed to Kaohsiung. Raincheck next week?”

The old Raven would be so upset. Am a stickler for schedules and oh no, don’t even dare cancelling an event with me if you’d ever want to see me again.

The new Raven?

“Aiya, how can this happen? Oh well, let me just give somebody else a call. Worse comes to worse, I can always study…”

So I called my good friend and we agreed to have dinner at one of my favorite steak place — Carnegies! It’s been awhile since I’ve tasted their delicious NY Strip you see (and only NT$590 at that!).

I came in 15 minutes early and guess who I see?

Who else but Aussie guy.


BIG surprise indeed.

I went over and said my hellos. He then said his apologies for not calling me back last Monday (ass), and proceeds to buy me a drink (it’s the LEAST he can do).

We talk about work and economics. “Economics encompasses everything in your life,” he said. “You coming to Taiwan is the best economic decision you’ll make, and because of utility, you’re here to eat steak.”

Yes, our conversations get a bit too intellectual.

But I didn’t know whether I was sad or happy to finally see my friend arrive at 7:30 pm.

I then said my goodbyes and joined my friend for dinner. The food, as usual, was great.

Her comments of Aussie guy? In summary:

“How can you ever be attracted to a guy like that?!”

She thought of him as too rude (he didn’t introduce himself to my friends) and arrogant. “He exudes arrogance. You know he thinks highly of himself.”

Although she admits, “He’s not cute at all, but you’d have to admit… he is a bit sexy. Just didn’t expect you to like someone bald.”

Haha, I don’t discriminate against bald men. To tell you the truth, my best friend M.S. is also bald. 🙂

He said he’ll call to meet up one of this weekends. Figure, it’s going to be awhile till I hear from him. He doesn’t even surprise me with my unreliability. You just learn NOT to expect — and that’s a hard place to be.


The moment it seems that you are succeeding in forgetting about them, BAM! They’re back again.

This time, you hope that you’re way smarter than before.

For my sake, I dearly hope so.

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