Stressful Week

One talk by a senior global economist at the Grand Hyatt Hotel tomorrow attended by around 20 CFOs, VPs and IR managers, as well as local clients…

A handful of top-tier investors from the US as well as 2 very important clients are flying in to see over 35 companies in a span of 2-3 days…

One premium client and one of my bosses is taking a trip to visit 3 factories in Shenzhen, China…

This is what I need to handle this week.

In addition to preparing for one analyst coming over next week, and 3 trips the week after that…

I am slowly going out of my mind.

One move, and BAM! I can get called into my boss’ office once again. 🙁

So every single minute, every single second I ask myself, “Did I forget anything? Did I not do something important…?”

Cause there’s no room for screw-ups — not when you’re handling big clients from the US, Hong Kong and Singapore.

*breathes deeply*

I just hope I can survive this week alive.

Please pray for me.

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2 thoughts on “Stressful Week

  1. Sure you can do it! But relax or you will die young! 😉
    Keep up the good work and good luck this week.

  2. Thanks so much Sidney! Haha, wish I can relax… just hoping I’ll come off this alive. Heck, but if we can pull it off, that’s indeed great! Thanks for leaving a comment!

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