My gosh, Aussie guy is such an ass.

The problem is, he’s so frustrating!!!

Yesterday’s exchange:

Aussie guy: “Hey there. How was your evening?”

Raven: “Excellent. And you? Are u recuperating well? Good sleep in the bare?”

Aussie guy: “I am much better, but still “foggy”. Wont be right until wed i reckon. Just need to make sure I get some exercise and sleep and I’ll be back on track in no time.”

Raven: “Poor baby. That’s what you get for partying for 3 days straight! Least it was fun, yeah? You should be good with some TLC. Wait… I betcha you don’t even know what TLC means… ;-)”

Aussie guy: “I know what it means, but never saw any of it from you as much as I tried there for a while!!!! :)”

Raven: “Mmmm… maybe I just wasn’t too obvious. 🙁 Better up the ante then! I can be pretty sweet when you push the right buttons! :-)”

Aussie guy: “You were downright unaccomodating!!!!!!”

*10 minutes later*

Aussie guy: “Hahahahah… am joking. I just was not persistent enough!!!”

Aussie guy: “Hey… I tried. Some girls get a window. Takes 2 to tango you know!!!!”

Raven: “Damn right !!!!!!Jeez, you’re breaking my heart… :-(“

*A few minutes later, he replies*

Aussie guy: “But dont worry. Some girls… just some, get a second chance if they are particularly worthy. “

Yeah, now I’m upset.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Thanks Blackdove for that insightful comment. 🙂 Yes, I’ll keep my cool now and just… let… go… 🙂

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