Q: The easiest way to lose weight?


1) Eat something bad.

2) Go to the bathroom times every time you want to, which is almost every single time you stand up. And sit down. And lie in bed. And roll around.

Gosh, that’s almost every moment, trip to the bathroom!

3) Go to the doctor that doesn’t give you drugs that help. Go to bathroom even more. Vomit a little bit. Look deathly pale and scare your co-workers shitless because you’re sick in China.

4) You lose your appetite because you’re afraid it’s going to go out the other hole again.

5) You eat a bit. You were right. It quickly goes out the said hole. Disgusting.

6) Do this continuously for a day and a half.

Outcome: 3 kilos lost in 2 days. My gosh, I have THAT much weight in dirt inside?

My punishment: Everyone’s been eating at Morton’s and Burger King while am stuck eating congee.


Have a great weekend all!

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