Been flirting with Aussie guy the past couple of days.

Often times, it’s fun.

He gets flustered… I’ve never really amped up the ante until a few weeks ago.

But sometimes, I wonder…

What am I getting myself into?

That’s the problem with words, you can’t really take them back after you’ve said it.

The other day, he sent me something nice.

So I replied, “Thanks sweetie!”

Aussie guy: “I’m not one of your clients! You don’t have to flirt with me!!! But I am very sweet!”

Me: “I don’t just flirt with my clients per se. I flirt with cute, sweet men… :-)”

Aussie guy: “I admit I can be very attractive, but I am not that sweet!”

*Raven looks at him stupidly. Didn’t he just say that he is very sweet?! Anyway, back to the conversation…*

Raven: “Agreed with very attractive. Disagreed with not that sweet. Besides, does one need a good reason to flirt? :-)”

Aussie guy: “Flirting is my second or third favorite pasttimes!!! But it does get me into trouble a lot!!!! So I’m careful on choosing who my targets are!”

Where this will go, I frankly don’t know.

But heck, too much thinking is no fun.

So just goin’ with the flow.

And so far, he’s called twice this weekend and invited me over to check out his new place.

Relax, he’s been raving about this new place ever since.

But since I was busy with other things, I couldn’t go. It would’ve been too late if I dropped by.

So next time then. There should be other times, right?

Peace out.

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