Eat, eat, EAT again!

Oh my gosh again.

Mitsui Japanese sushi dinner set last night. One of the more expensive Japanese places… okay, not bad la for at least NT$1,500 minimum a meal.

My roommate’s eyes almost popped when she heard… “Waaaah! Too much money to waste on food! That’s how much she spends on food in a month!

I shrugged.

Big boss just came into town.

What can I do but enjoy the perks?

And tonight, a nice French set meal at the French All-Day set dinner at the San Want Hotel in Dunhua S. Road.

JoanH, get ready for a potential restaurant review if I have the time to do it! I heard their French cuisine there is simply magnifique!

Hence, with all my drooling about food, it’s almost time to hit the gym.

Since I’ve been given it to my primal desires, I’m going to start disciplining myself and hit the gym.

Which is what I’m going to do in 15 minutes.

I hate exercising.

But it’s really a necessary evil.

Ciao lo!

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2 thoughts on “Eat, eat, EAT again!

  1. ps. i hate exercising too, but i will start it up again in a few weeks…definitely a necessary evil (when you eat a lot of good food, especially!)

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