Finally! The search is over!

After 4 days and 19 apartments, I’ve finally decided on the ultimate abode! And do you know which one I picked?

Drumroll please…..!

I chose the NT$10,000 apartment that’s right smack at the Taipei City Hall MRT station! 😀

Though I may have to share it with a Taiwanese roommate, its ultra-convenient location and extremely reasonable price (the difference of almost NT$7,000 a month was the one that did me in) made it such a steal.

Besides, offering a double bed, a huge closet and complete amenities (ADSL, cable, DVD, sound system) doesn’t hurt. As for the shared bathrooms, there are two bathrooms in the apartment anyway and there’s only two of us rooming there so I doubt we’ll be fighting over bathroom time anytime soon!

Sure, there will be less privacy, but heck, I’ve been too spoiled these past couple of years and I’ve gotta learn how to live with someone else anyway, so why not now?

Haha, and it’s bound to keep me out of trouble as well since the landlady has a no-guys-staying-overnight policy (and from the distance, I hear my guys groaning).

Am sure my dad’s going to love THAT!

As for my concerns about being kicked out when the landlady’s daughter goes to the States?

Well, I’ve already talked to them and they’ve agreed to give me a one-year lease, and notify me at least a month beforehand if ever they’re going to kick me out (after the one-year lease, of course). 😉

So that settles it!

I’ll be moving in before July 8 (Saturday) so it’ll be another flurry of activity this past couple of days. Raven still needs to pack her clothes, shoes and books so that should take some time…

But at least, I can put the house-hunting behind me already!

Finally, we’re done! Finished! Kaput!

Hope everything works out in the end! Here’s some pictures of this dingy (just kidding) apartment:

Shared living room area…

Small dining area:

Bedroom, complete with double bed (Don’t worry, I’ll change the sheets, dull pink is too depressing):

AND huge closet (can add another on the side if it’s not enough):

Am sure, I know for some of you, it’s not much.

But for me, it’s enough!

I’m not really that picky anyway! ;-D

So am happy!

*sings a happy tune*

Till tomorrow!


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