How we make ourselves feel better

Aiyo, I know I should be posting about my spectacular weekend (as well as continuing my Myanmar commentary) BUT I just don’t have the time right now, because I have to finish something at work. However, since I promised you guys at least one entry a day, here’s something I’d like to share with you.


Kindly note the contents of this picture: pizza, an empty cup of McDonalds vanilla nice cream fudge, Starbucks coffee cup and a platter of fruit.

My colleague went to lunch today deciding to finally go healthy and get some fruit.

He did (as seen in the picture).

But not after he ate the hot fudge sundae first, grabbed a whole pizza and drank coffee full of caffeine and calories!

Oh, and just to make himself feel better and lessen his guilt, he bought the fruits as well. 😉

Sometimes, people are just funny.

It’s like buying a whole set of BigMac, and getting diet coke. 😉

They say one thing and do another.

Or try to make themselves feel better by cutting on one, though indulging with another.

So I told him to not just buy the fruits and just savor the unhealthy fats instead!!!

My point is, if you’d like to do something bad, might as well enjoy the process! 😉

Till tomorrow!

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