Goodbye Keith!

Why do people take pictures?

It’s to freeze a moment in time, to make a transient moment tangible and longer-lasting.

People come and go, the feelings they bring out from us come and go, but photographs, though it can never capture the beauty of the exact moments, give us a reminder of what it was, of happy moments, of things that led up to that crucial moment.

I wish I brought a camera last night.

It was one of those memorable moments — my friend Keith’s farewell party.

With a shock of light brown hair and huge frame, it’s difficult to miss Keith in any party. Regardless, his sweet and tender demeanor captures your attention and in time, you realize he can be one of the most loyal and dependable friend you’d ever have.

Things were pretty sudden.

Over the span of drinks, I learned that he just proposed to his girlfriend two weeks ago on Taipei 101 (it was hilarious to hear him retell the tale on how she said “Aiyo” a billion gazillion times after she said “Yes.” He’s moving to Sydney this Sunday and will start to do some technical work on the upcoming Robin Williams movie, “Happy Feet” come Monday.

Congratulations Keith for that stroke of luck! You deserve it man! 😀

Anyway, they had dinner at People (great fusion Chinese restaurant in Anhe Road, just right in front of the Far Eastern Hotel) and drinks afterwards. And after we were getting tipsy, we moved to Room 18 for some sexy dancing!

Room 18’s slow on Wednesdays. There weren’t a lot of people dancing, but I still had a bit of fun. It’s been awhile since I’ve gone clubbing and I couldn’t help but groove to the music!

But that’s not just the only reason, because bring out your party hats ’cause my friend, PC, the party king is in town! 😀

It’s been a few months since I’ve seen him.

But where PC is, a party’s always in motion.

The last week he was here, I partied almost every other night!

There’s just something suave and smooth about PC that makes him killer-attractive. He flirts and yet knows when to back out, never pressuring you and always allowing you to open up in your own pace.

I’m serious, though he’s not as good-looking as Tom Cruise, he has the style and moves to attract women like bees to honey.

He’s like Taipei’s younger version of George Clooney. 🙂

And yes, it’s obvious that despite his playboy ways, he still managed to charm my socks off.

We told him he should open a male refining school. Honestly, guys here leave much to be desired. Most can’t dress well, can’t converse and don’t know how to act around women.

Forgive me but telling the truth but it’s kinda pathetic.

I have a friend who had a hard-on after he had his arms around a semi-beautiful woman for a picture in an event.

*roll eyes*

Pathetic, I say.

We need more PCs in Taipei! 🙁


Okay, so as Blackdove predicted, I didn’t win the Toastmaster contest.

Delivery was great, but content-wise, my speech still leaves much to be desired.

Regardless, I’m as happy as a bird because I don’t need to attend the district competition on April 1st.

Instead, I can go with my friends to Kaoshiung and Kenting for a semi-road trip! Yahoo!

Haha, there’s always something good that comes out of a loss.

What’s more, I’ve credited my speech so though it was nerve-wracking, it was worth it.
How do you know you’ve taken too many taxis?

If one of them recognize you as a previous customer of a few weeks ago. 🙁

This was what happened when I was slightly drunk and hailed a random taxi on my way home.

Coincidence, or spoiled by taxis?

Gotta tighten my purse soon.

I was in a rush this morning that I forgot my cellphone, jacket, water bottle and God-knows-what.

Now, I’m out of touch with the rest of the world. 🙁

I’m not sure what my schedule is tonight. Maybe wallclimbing, but it’s still not set in stone.

This isn’t a good feeling to have, to not know what my plans are in the evening.

I’m tired today too… sleepy as hell.

I…. need… coffee… and… lots… of… it…

Serves me right for partying late last night.

But for Keith, heck why not?

I will never miss any friend’s birthday or farewell party unless necessary.

That’s just who I am.

C’est La Vie!

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  1. “I have a friend who had a hard-on after he had his arms around a semi-beautiful woman for a picture in an event.”
    Uhmmmm… how did you know? 🙂

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