Cocktail parties, mini amusement park and more!

As usual, last weekend has been a B-L-A-S-T! 😀

Okay, so I’ve never had a boring weekend yet, so sue me. But this weekend’s quite high on the charts.

Sorry for the lack of updates last Friday btw. I was feeling a bit under the weather so stayed under the covers for most of the day… 🙁

Great sleep though.

But of course, Superwoman here couldn’t really stay in bed (What?! And waste a lovely day?! Okay, so I’m the worst sick person in the world), and around 6-ish, slipped on this black sexy cocktail number and met up with my two guys for some dinner at the Warner HsinYi area. We had a cocktail thingie later that day, and we were all dressed to the nines.

You could’ve seen all those men — and women — who were checking us out!


We were just dressed to the nines! ;-D

We headed over the InHouse for dinner because Macaroni Grill was already packed. Food was so-so but prices were reasonable. For some reason though, my friend Perry couldn’t get over the boy/girl model/waiter who served us.

God, did you see how big her Adam’s apple were?!” exclaimed Perry, shocked on seeing one of the few she-man in his entire life.

After dinner, we headed over to the Grand Hyatt for the launching of Chaumet’s Dandy male watches.
Chaumet is under the LVMT brand, and Dandy is their new line of watches. Note the tuxedo strap on the watch on the right. Chaumet watches are pretty high-end with prices ranging from US$3,000 to US$45,000 for the diamond-studded one.

The event was pretty cool, albeit small. There were some flowing Dom Perignon (totally overrated, didn’t like it at all), delicious stawberry cheesecakes and of course, nicely-dressed men and women, a rarity in Taiwan where a lot of people here dress in jeans and t-shirts on a formal wedding reception (it’s true!).

However, I didn’t think the event/brand was properly planned.

For one, I disagreed with them using Dandy to market their watches. It sounded gay to me, and lacked the punch guys want to desire such a watch. Seacrest (or something sporty) or Bond (or something mysterious and strong) would’ve made a better choice.

Secondly, they have been tooting the tuxedo strap, which they said were elegant and aristocratic.

This is true.

Except Taiwanese guys aren’t really aristocratic. When I look at a Taiwanese businessman, I can’t really conjur up an image of a British pompous aristocrat. I think a titanium strap would’ve sold better here.

Thirdly, they invited the wrong market to this gala.

Most of the people who attended this event were like me — in their mid-20s to 30s, young professionals who couldn’t really afford to buy a US$3,000 watch. Not that we don’t have the money, but we’d rather spend our money elsewhere.

To market this product properly, they could’ve invited those who were at least in their 30s to 40s, working under the investment banking/equities/medical industry and have enough moolah stashed somewhere to buy such a luxury item.

But heck, I’m not Chaumet’s brand manager, and I got to enjoy quite a bit of freebies, so I should just shut up now.

Anyway, my friend Perry was leaving for the US for good on Saturday, so Mark came up with this super-bright idea of staying up the whole night and keeping Perry company… and this was even when we knew we had to stay up whole day Saturday going to an amusement park!

So, after the event died down, we moved on to Cheers Nini for a uniform costume party, meaning, you’d have to wear your grade school/high school uniform to attend. It was quite funny seeing us dressed in sexy cocktail dresses and black and white suits while the others looked as if they’re 18 years old or less.

Anyway, we felt it was too juvenile for us, so we opted to drink some milk tea with alcohol instead at ShuangYi near Shida Road. Afterwards, we went to Mark’s apartment and played some Jenga till 5AM!

God, it was tiring. Everyone was dead by that time, and I was well in bed around 5:30-ish. 🙁



Alarm clock ringing at 8AM.

God, I still wanted to stay in bed and sleep.

I nudged Mark…

Hey, we have to wake up,” I sleepily told him. “We still have to go to Xiao Ren Guo (Window on China).”

“It’s your project,” he murmured sleepily. “You go.”

I punched him.


“What did you say?! I go?!” I exclaimed.

No, I said, ‘We should go,‘” he replied.


And that’s how we started off our Saturday morning after sleeping at 5:30AM.

We woke ourselves up. Perry already left earlier at 7:30AM, and so did Leslie. So all that’s left was me, Mark and Sharon, the latter whom came up with the excuse that she had to go home because her mom’s arriving.

We trudged to the JingAn MRT station and met up with a couple of people, taking the bus to Window on China.



Surprisingly, Window on China was fun!

Located somewhere near Hsinchu, Window on China features miniturized version of Taiwan, China, America, Europe and Japan. It was pretty cool. Check out some of the detailed structures:

One of my favorite places in this island, Chang-Kai Shek Memorial Hall:

Gosh, you can even see the CKS statue inside! I’ve had a lot of “firsts” on those steps.

*wink, wink*

Found in Mexico, a lot of people were sacrificed inside this temple. 🙁

Mark tells me there are tons of temples like these in the area, but the best place to go is this forest where billions of butterflies come to mate once a year. Sigh, makes me want to visit Mexico sometime soon! Sounds like a truly exotic place.

Russian architecture:
The Forbidden City in Beijing, China:

Check out the intricate details… this is actually way bigger in real life.

The Taj Mahal:

People said it was made because of a love story. I sincerely think it’s built as a show of power. Oh well, whatever turns you on…

And finally, my most favorite structure in the whole park, the Chartres Cathedral in France.

Amazing, ain’t it? Tinged in blue, I was just in awe on the detailing of this structure. The Chartres Cathedral has over 4,000 stained glass design, which makes me want to hop on the next plane to France just to check it out.

Our funniest moments was in riding the golden bull, which was funny considering nobody really knew how:We also had a blast doing the Nile Adventure log ride, which ensured that no one didn’t get un-wet…
See that huge splash?
The most fun I had was when we e stood on the platform wearing our raincoats, awaiting for the log car to come down, splashing us with tsunami-like waves.

It was really cool.

Window on China was surprisingly fun. Honestly, I was prepared to be disappointed especially since one guy from last night’s party said it was a boring place to visit. I also expected it to be a half-day event. So it was really surprising to see that we walked from 10:30AM till 6PM and it was a day-full of laughs!

Oh well, I guess the saying is true… it’s not really important where you go or what you do, as much as who you’re with. And the bunch of peeps I went with were pretty fun people! 😀

Afterwards, Josh took us to ZhongLi to check out their infamous 50-year old restaurant that serves only beef dishes. We then took a short trip around the night market where I bought this really cute, yet cheap red bag at NT$100, and a Lisa Loeb CD at NT$50.

It was already 10PM when we got back to Taipei. I was literally falling asleep. Hence, as soon as I got home, I was dead by 10:30-ish and plunked to bed, ending our whole 2-day wake-up marathon!

Thanks Mark for that super bright idea of yours! ;-D

We’ll be crazy to do it again.

Or, better yet, let’s do it again next week! 😀
Sunday was relatively slow.

I was supposed to go watch Mike do his English tour (he volunteers there) at the National Palace Museum, but I was so tired that I didn’t wake up in time.

Boy, was he pissed.

He was so pissed that he told me not to go and see his tour anymore, and he canceled our movie date later that night.

Oh well. Okay, it was my mistake, but it’s really no use crying over spilled milk so…

Aussie guy and I had brunch at Grandma Nitti’s. 🙂

It was an enjoyable brunch.

He’s been trying to get ahold of me all this week, and had to cancel our date Friday because of some bad news from home. Saturday, he texted saying he’s free to meet up anytime, but since I was in Window on China and didn’t sleep the entire Friday, I was in no mood to meet up.

Hence, he was pretty glad when we finally got the chance to meet.

You’re really intimidating,” he commented. “I mean, I don’t know when to take you out or when you’re free! You’re like, ‘Let’s see when our schedules meet,’ and am like, ‘What the heck?! Am always free!'”

Sigh, I can’t help that I usually schedule my week a week ahead of time.

Knowing this already, he made a date to see me this Thursday.


After our brunch, I headed over to Y17 and met up with hottie French guy for some serious wallclimbing action.

Double 🙂

We wallclimbed till around 5:30-ish, and decided to grab some BBQ dinner at the Dunhua area. We went to this really nice restaurant called Gan Bei, and it was really delish.

Since he treated me to dinner, I treated him to ice cream at Hagen Daaz. 😉

Overall, it was a fun Sunday. I got to spend time with Aussie guy and French hottie guy — and got to know them a bit better.

I’ve realized just how smart and driven French hottie guy, despite his playboy looks while Aussie guy, I’ve realized just how family-oriented he really is.

Haha, what will happen next?

I really don’t know… we’ll see! At present, am troubled because someone canceled tonight so I’m left without plans. Oh no, we’ll just see what happens next.

Till tomorrow!

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