Email exchange

His first email today:

“how are things today? good sleep.?..mine just long enough, got home and straight to sleep perfect. so what you doing on the weekend….?? is the amusememt park this weekend?

My response:

“Busy day so far, but glad to know u slept well. Naw, we’re prob doing the park next weekend. As for this week, more or less the usual stuff, maybe some wallclimbing. And u? What’s your gameplan?”

His immediate reply:

“nothing really…leaving the office soon…YAY…..

will do some study but otherwise no real plans. gimme a call if you get bored. “

My response:

“That’s tough cause am not usually bored, though I think u may be if all you do is study this weekend. Anyway, don’t call me when this happens. Call me if you want to do something more fun than studying and see if our schedules match.”

Still awaiting reply, don’t think I’ll get it cause he’s already off work.

Anyway, I wish this guy would be more aggressive and just ask me out! Arrgh, he’s being way too wishy-washy for me. 🙁


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4 thoughts on “Email exchange

  1. hi raven!

    im dating someone who like you – is also a very very busy person.
    She has two jobs and works Saturdays and catches up frequently on an never-ending list of friends.

    It was hard enough for me to ask her out, it was even harder to ask her out without stepping on her appointments.

    “doing anything wednesday?”
    “ive got a dinner on that night”
    “how about thursday?”
    “sister has a dinner party..”
    “friends birthday..”

    see where im getting at? Coz ur schedule is busy, why not hint when ur available. coz if hes really interested, he’d rearrange his timetable to suit you.

    love the phuket diaries. can’t believe you went to a dodgy massage parlour!

  2. Hey Will, thanks for that lovely comment. Glad to know am not alone. Btw, how do u feel when your gf’s not making a lot of time for you? Does it bother u at all, or does it make you love her more?

    As I’ve said, my dilemma is, I’d love to go out with this guy, but my schedule’s already full till Sunday! My gosh, will any guy wait for that? That’s like 6 days later!

  3. When we first started, i ended questioning lots “Does she like me? Is she even interested? Coz if she’s interested she’d make time for me right?”

    So i guess in the beginning if ur always too busy you might push him away. Being ‘busy’ is what some of friends use to tell someone they’re not interested.

    If you’re interested in the guy, im sure he already has some qualities that make him stand above the rest.

    In relationships, a little sacrifice goes a long way.

  4. Hi Will, haha, she sure does know how to keep you challenged and guessing. In my case, I’m really busy and not using it as an excuse. My week’s usually full a week before. Well, we’ll just see what happens with the Aussie guy. 🙂

    Any tips? 🙂

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