Top party places in Taipei

People think I party a lot.

I don’t really.

It’s just that given my three+ years in Taipei, you’re bound to know the happenin’ scenes. Plus, given my involvement in my organization, I’m bound to have checked out quite a few places.

So an idea struck me this morning, if you had a week to party and enjoy yourself in Taipei, where will you go?

Here’s my list:


* Citizen Cain has 2-for-one pizza specials every Monday. At NT$200+ a pizza, that’s a great deal! They also have NT$10 buffalo wings on Tuesdays, but since it’s NT$10 a piece, better visit on Mondays and go for their pizzas instead!


If you know of any fun places do go on Tuesdays, tell me. But I know Taipei’s pretty dead on Tuesdays. So if you’re a foreigner, I think it’s better to check out the Shilin night market instead and check out the oily eats.


Ladies night baby! Where most restaurants/bars have great deals for us beautiful lads! Here are just some of my faves:

* Carnegie’s – Free champagne for us girls, as well as the chance to strut your stuff dancing on top of the bar while dirty old men oogle at your nice legs down below. Always a fun place to be, not to pick up people (demographics-wise, people here are older) but to get wild and have fun with friends. Their music’s good too, especially if you don’t go often, because they seem to churn up the same type of music every single time!

* Room 18 – women here are hot, men are decent, but I’m here for the music! Frankly, it has the best music amongst bars in TPE. At NT$800 for a regular night just for entrance, ladies night is just a dream! Party on!

* Luxy – I think you get some free drinks, but nothing to boast about. But Luxy’s the place to see sexy hot young women and to be seen. The music’s gotten a lot better the last time I was there, but why the heck did they put a fake fireplace onstage?

* Mint – one of the most expensive places to party at almost NT$1,000 on weekends, but the music’s decent, the crowd is wealthier, but they sure are older! Hey, who else can afford the expensive entry fee?

* Plush – sizzling factor of guests are on top of the charts, but heck the music is just awful. Better try the other bars I’ve recommended above, but if you want some eye candy and don’t really care about the sounds, this is the place to go!

* Barrio in the intersection fo Dunhua and Heping is a cool place to be for salsa lovers. There’s free dance lessons from 9:30PM and a chance to sashay with the professionals afterwards. Drinks are kinda expensive so eat first before you come.

* Ministry of Sound – MoS in Singapore seems to be THE place to go, but here in Taiwan, it’s the place to go of people from yesterday. Though it’s merely NT$350 (before 11PM with free beer), the music is unimpressive and the people are just way too young (high school anyone?!). Still, ladies night, why not?


* Brass Monkey baby! With free cocktails (they differ every week) for the ladies and NT$100 tequila shots after midnight, the Brass Monkey remains alive when all the other bars are dead. The music’s good, and so’s the free drink. But really, not the place to pick up anyone. Better dance with your friends instead.

* People who want a good show can check out the Living Room at Nanjing East Road. Starting from 10PM, and a talent fee of NT$300, enjoy a wide range of amateur and semi-professional performers showing off their stuff on stage. It’s pretty cool. The last time I’ve been, there was a band that played, a video made from home, a poetry reading, a comedy show and more! So much fun and truly an eye-opening experience.

Fridays and Saturdays:

* Roxy 99 near Shida road offers one of the best deals in town! At only NT$300, you get entrance, a free drink (bring out the Dita!) and one of the best music around (same level as Room 18 but at a quarter of the price). It’s a favorite hangout of mine, because their music just rocks and it’s near my home so I can just walk it when I’m done.

* Plush on Fridays is a must for most men ’cause it’s bikini night. Girls wearing a bikini top get in free, so there’s more hot women there than you can count. Music still suck though, so yawn… I’d rather go somewhere instead. If you stay there long enough, you’ll discover that the same song is repeated four times throughout the night (that’s cause they change DJs and the DJs play the same silly songs).

* And the usual… Room 18 and Carnegie’s are great places to be!

And lastly, Sundays:

You think Taipei’s just dead on Sundays, but boy you are wrong.

Brown Sugar is still happening and if you’re into salsa, then that’s the place to be! Free salsa classes early in the evening and if you come later, that’s only NT$500 to join in the groove and 2 drinks. Not bad at all! Just don’t stay up too late or you’ll regret it in the morning!

Well, that’s it folks! Top places you can party in Taipei… and if you have any additional comments or suggestions (maybe I haven’t mentioned YOUR favorite party place), then go ahead and tell me about it. I’d love to discover new places to go to!


As for tonight, still wondering if I should go to the ORIENTED Happy Hour or not at Peekaboo.

Here’s what’s going on my head:

If I go, I may still encounter the same type of bores who’s only interested in increasing their business card collection and ask you the same mundane questions like, “Where do you work? What do you do? Who do you work for?”


But if I don’t go, I may miss the chance of meeting super-interesting people who can be lifelong friends, who for some reason or another, decided to drop by the party!

Argh, the dilemma of someone who’s afraid to miss parties because she may miss the chance of meeting THE ONE! 😉

Heck, you know, they can be anywhere…

But as my colleague had said yesterday during lunch, “Just do what you love! If you love indoor wallclimbing, do it with passion. Do what you love and love what you do, and the One will appear when you least expect it!”

Good stuff, Ian!

So as a compromise, I’ve made plans to meet up with a friend whom I haven’t seen for awhile now, check out ORIENTED for an hour before catching Capote at Warner.

That way, we can’t lose! I get the chance to check out the scenery, hook up with an old good friend and watch a movie!

Three things I love to do!

Till then, c’est la vie!

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4 thoughts on “Top party places in Taipei

  1. hey i dont have a blog which is why im posting as anonymous, but im an abc going into college this year and i was browsing the web looking for interesting things to do in taipei this summer and i stumbled across your site. i was wondering if you could give me any feedback on where the fun places to be are for guys, especially in regards to meeting people my own age ie. upper highschool/college students, the crowd im guessing you avoid =P anything would be great help, thanks!

  2. Just for an update, try also BARCODE on Fridays/Saturdays if you want a place to lounge about. People prefer InHouse, but I think its neighbor on the 5F of Alexander/Neo19 Building is way way better. 🙂

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