ieTaken from an MBC article, I think this best describes what sexy comprises of:

Sexy is balance. Cool and hot at the same time. Interest and disinterest. It’s not passive but it’s not in a hurry either. It seems to arrive at that moment in a woman’s life when she’s still hot but can no longer rely on it completely.

Or maybe it arrives when a woman decides to take charge.

Or maybe I just like women taking charge.”

Haha, goodness knows, how I want to be seen as sexy.

At best, I think I can pull off cute or pretty. Or maybe even decently dressed.

But hot and sexy?

Gosh, I always think hot and sexy is when a guy just wants to take off your clothes and take you right then and there.

Heck, why am I worrying about this?

Lest just be myself — and love myself for it.

And if guys think that’s sexy, great!

If not, well… I think I look good so there!


How funny how plans change… this is so unlike me.

I usually have a pretty solid life schedule that’s more often than not full the week before. But lately, my schedule’s become more flexible.

For example, yesterday when I was heading over to the Oriented Happy Hour at Peekaboo, I had a change of heart and decided to have a nice dinner at Tasty instead.

This is so unlike me. Usually, when I’ve already made up my mind to do something, I’d do it. But maybe it was the weather (it was raining), or the fact that I wanted to spend quality time with my friend, but regardless of the reason, I trashed the Happy Hour idea, and just did what I felt like doing at that time.

And you know what?

It feels freaking great!

Sure, we had to wait for a while because we foolishly didn’t make reservations (hey, it was a spur of the moment thing), but it was a fantastic night…we talked for hours! 🙂

Guys, if you want a decent date place at a quarter of the price, Tasty Steak is just the place to go. At NT$420 during lunchtime and NT$480 for dinner (plus 10% tax), the prices are reasonable, and with a six-course meal, that’s already a great deal!

Trust me, after eating at Lawries and Ruth’s Chris and being shocked by the exorbitant prices that they charge, you’ll be happy that there are places like Tasty Steak to ensure your savings account are intact.

Your first start off with a starter — shrimp and asparagus in mustard sauce — followed by 2 pcs of garlic toast (you can ask for more) and a delicious mushroom dip. Then, you choose one of four available salads and soup. For last night, I chose the tomato and pineapple salad with beef tendon and pumpkin soup with mushroom. Delish!

For the main course, my favorite is of course, Tasty Steak, but yesterday, I was feeling adventurous and ordered the grilled pork ribs instead. They were delicious, but be careful girls, don’t order this on a date. As the meal comes with plastic gloves, it’s not very prim/proper to eat. My hands were just everywhere!

But it was worth the trouble. 🙂

For dessert, their vanilla ice cream with warm hot chocolate in a fried bag was delicious, to be enjoyed with your choice of drinks, which in my case was the usual iced coffee.

Overall, an enjoyable meal… and it didn’t hurt that I had great company as well. No regrets in boycotting Oriented this month and choosing dinner instead!


Flash update!

Taking advantage of the longer weekend (February 28 is a Taiwanese holiday), I’m going to Phuket with some friends tomorrow!

I’m so excited.

High on my list of things to do includes sea canoeing and outdoor rock climbing.

My friend Erika wanted to go golfing, but I’m like, “What?! Golfing in Phuket?! I’d rather relax in the beach!”

Okay, okay… actually the real reason is I can’t golf. So I don’t see why I should waste a lot of time learning it in Phuket. I’d rather learn first, see if I like it, then maybe try golfing abroad.

Anyway, it’s going to be fun… and a new adventure!

Don’t forget to check out for updates… this is going to be a super exciting trip!

But let’s see if I can make it through the day first! Omigosh, there’s that 50 Cent/Fort Miner concert later on as well! I’ve got expensive VIP seats!


Till then, live life to the fullest! C’est La Vie!

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