Slam Book Madness!

Never tried this before in my blog as there’s always something that I can rant and rave about, but this seems like fun so here goes — a survey!

Marital status: Single and ready to mingle!

Shoe size: 8… I have big feet. And you know what they say about big feet… wait, am a woman so it doesn’t count. 🙁

Parents still together: Yes, after more than three decades of marriage.

Siblings: One little brother (though not so little anymo’, and a number of half-siblings)

Pets: Dogs, goldfish, turtles, and an intelligent parrot named “George” back home in the Philippines


Color: Various shades of blue (I may have been male in my previous life!)

Number: 7 and 16

Animals: Doggies!

Drinks: Dita (lychee liquer) mixes

Soda: Don’t really like sodas very much, but I can settle for carbonated iced tea if forced to make a choice

Book: Tons! I’m a bookworm! I like Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden best.

Flower: Various colors of roses


Color your hair? Never. It’s my crowning glory, and dying it would just destroy my hair!

Twirl your hair? Consciously, most likely no.

Have tattoos? Dad will kill me.

Have piercings? Nope, not even in the ears. I always joke that I have “virgin ears.

Cheat on tests/homework? Once when I was in grade 1. I got caught and I never did it again. Makes me too nervous.

Drink/Smoke? Tried smoking a Jordanian hooka pipe… and drink socially. Average, 2 glasses.

Like roller coasters? Yes, so long as they ain’t too scary.

Wish you could live somewhere else? Oh yes, there are still so many places I’d like to go and live in!

Want more piercings? Umm… no. Why subject yourself to more pain?

Like cleaning? Can pigs fly?

Write in cursive or print? Both.

Own a web cam? Yes. But do I use it? No.

Know how to drive? No, it’s part of my dad’s conspiracy to keep me at home.

Own a cell phone? Of course, Nokia baby!

Ever get off the damn computer? Yes, even after slaving away in a PC company 8 hours a day and watching DVDs via my laptop at home, I still do have a life away from my computer… and a colorful one at that.


Been in a fist fight? No, I’m too girly to be part of one. Though I did try to pinch (kurot) my brother when I was young… does that count?

Considered a life of crime? Not glamorous at all… no.

Considered being a hooker? I don’t need the money. And my bod’s only for my baby (whoever that lucky man will be).

Lied to someone? I’d be lying if I said no. They’re probably white lies though.

Been in love? Sigh… yes. 🙁

Made out with JUST a friend? Yes!

Been in lust? Yes, I’m normal. Not from Mars.

Used someone? Unconsciously, maybe yes. But I’m sure it’s not intentional.

Been used? Yes, I’m such a sucker, especially in relationships.

Been cheated on? No, I hope not. It’s a strict qualification for me that a guy has integrity and WILL NOT cheat.

Kicked someone in the nuts? I’m not THAT bad, and so far, haven’t met anyone who deserved the treatment.

Stolen anything? Never.

Held a gun? Paintguns count?


Current clothing: Sexy lingerie and PJs

Current mood: Dazed, it’s 3:06 AM!

Current taste: Hmmm… what do you mean by this? Toothpaste, cause I just brushed my teeth.

What you currently smell like: Dove Shampoo and an air of cleanliness

Current hair: Black, straight and long.

Current thing I ought to be doing: Sleep… I still have a meeting early tomorrow.

Current cd in stereo: CDs are too yesterday. How about my iPod Nano? Currently listening to “Fergilicious” by Fergie and “My Love,” by Justin Timberlake.

Last book you read: “TheWorld is Flat,” “The 100 Simple Secrets of Successful People” and “CFA Level 1 Handbook”

Last movie you saw: Gosh, it’s been awhile since I last watched a movie. “An Inconvenient Truth” about global warming.

Last thing you ate: Strawberry snow ice from Shihlin Night Market. Yum!

Last person you talked to on the phone: Lance visiting from Singapore

Do drugs? Only prescriptives.

Believe there is life on other planets? Maybe, but for now, if they want us, they should come and see us and not the other way around.

Remember your first love? Yes, glad it didn’t work out.

Still love him/her? I have fond memories, but no. I’ve already moved on.

Read the newspaper? Of course, you gotta be informed.

Have any gay or lesbian friends? Sure.

Believe in miracles? Definitely!

Do well in school? I had like a 3.3 GPA at Ateneo, like a few points short of graduating with honors. Does that count?

Wear hats: Yes, they’re very cute. I have around 10+ at current.

Hate yourself? Why would I do that? I love myself and my life.

Have an obsession? Maybe traveling once the travel bug hits. It’s hitting me again and now thinking of going to India!

Collect anything? Nothing really seriously. I buy hats whenever I go to Danshui. Does that count?

Have a best friend? A couple — Rose, whom I haven’t seen in awhile but is my dearest old friend. MS x 2 are both terrific too.

Close friends? A couple.

Like your handwriting? No, it’s messy.

Care about looks: Yes, I can be very vain. But am sure everybody checks themselves out in reflective surfaces once in a while.


First crush: I think it’s this guy named Jonathan from grade-school. Dunno why I had a crush on him. He was a joker then and was the butt of many people’s jokes. Had a crush on him for at least a year. Dunno what happened to him now.

First kiss: With Mich, my first boyfriend, at the old age of 22.

Do you believe in love at first sight? Yes, but am usually hit by cupid arrow after meeting the guy a couple of times.

Do you believe in “the one?” Yes, but #2, and #3 is good too if the One doesn’t work out.

Are you a tease? Some people think so. Maybe cause am very friendly and affectionate (hugs anyone?) and I like wearing clothes that hopefully look good on me. But for the record, I am loyal.

Too shy to make the first move? Yes, it’s mostly because of pride. If they want me, they should come and get me. But honestly, it’s because I hate rejection. Such a wuss.


Daydreamer? No, my life is a flurry of activities rather than dreams.

Bitch/Asshole? Depends on the situation, but generally, very reasonable to talk to.

Sarcastic? Yes, but not very good at it.

Angel? I can be, yes.

Devil? Not very often.

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