Another first!

This weekend has again been an exciting one for me. First, I had the luck of listening to a full orchestra playing at the park and viewing Mars (the planet) up close.

My friends and I also went to Long Dong last Sunday to go natural rock climbing! Long Dong is beautiful, made of all-natural eroded rocks. Makes you feel that you’re in coast of Ireland. πŸ™‚

See how dangerous it was on the trek there! One slip and you’ll fall! And I did slip, causing another big bruise on my left knee. πŸ™

Let’s start the roundup of the weekend with last Friday… πŸ™‚

Last Friday after dinner, I accompanied my friend to a concert in the Daan Park. Shida music majors were having a free concert in the Daan amphitheater, so we went there to check it out.

My gosh, it was terrific! I absolutely loved it!

The theme was Broadway musicals β€” Hence, we were given a treat of listening to tunes from “My Fair Lady,” “Evita,” “Jesus Christ Superstar,” “Cats,” “West Side Story,” “Chicago,” “Star Wars” and more!

It was great!

There’s nothing better than hearing a complete orchestra play. It’s a little more special compared to other typical activities such as KTV or going clubbing, so I’m glad I really went.

After the concert, we started to walk around the park and we came across several hobbyist who were looking at Mars using their telescopes and computers. Therefore, we were again for a rare treat of looking at Mars up close (it’s like a red moon). It was such an unbelievable Friday night.


On Saturday, I went shopping for some wallclimbing equipment and watched “Chicken Little” afterwards with some friends.

Here’s my review of “Chicken Little” β€” Don’t watch it. Save your money and watch “Lord of War” instead, which people think is a great film.

However, my friends thought it was a cute film, so to each their own. But if a movie can lull you to sleep halfway through, then it’s not that exciting. It’s been awhile since I fell asleep in the cinema, but I did with this film!


Personally, I don’t think it’s worth to watch.

Sigh, it’s sad how Disney isn’t churning out good movies as they used to. What happened to the creative team at Disney?!

The story and the screenplay’s weak, the characters aren’t that interesting, and it lacks the “heart” of other good animated films like “Shrek” and “The Incredibles.”

Maybe that’s why they’re airing out that cute trailer of Chicken Little dancing… because it doesn’t really have any good story to tell! πŸ™


I’ve had another first this weekend β€” went outdoor rockclimbing at LongDong where the wall we scaled was pretty high at 45 meters.

Now, that’s equivalent to a 10 to 15-storey building!

Phew, that was really high.

It was my first time to go outdoor rock climbing where the only thing you can hold onto are rock cracks and crevices.

It was pretty scary.

There’s no blue mat to cushion your fall and you fall quite far. In addition, the strong winds affect your balance and there are times where there are no easy grips to hold onto, unlike in the gym where all grips are colored.

Nevertheless, it was an exhilarating experience. It’s not everyday that you get to go outdoor wallclimbing. And I’m glad to do it now when I’m still young and fit.

I have my fair share of large bruises on my leg, but I’m so glad I did it. There’s nothing better than doing something challenging and I felt so pumped up afterwards.

So who says life is anything but boring?! πŸ™‚


Life has been hard for me the past couple of weeks. In the past few weeks, pressures from work, my organization and the people I hang out with have managed to overwhelm the usually laidback me. It became so bad that I finally broke down and cried… twice!

I mean, everyone has their limits and I felt so much like crap.

But now, things are getting better.

Sure, I still have dozens to do at work. But with proper planning and scheduling, I believe I can finish everything in time.

For my organization, my stance here is that I’ll just do my very best and minimize risk as much as I can. The rest, I’ll just trust the people will follow through their responsibilities. Things do have a way of working out in the end.

Personal life-wise, I feel so much better.

I can’t really talk about this in depth until after the wave is done, but the past few weeks, I’ve done a bit of thinking (okay, a LOT!) but now, I’m happier in where I am. Now’s the time to look forward instead of looking back and I feel great! As I’ve said, things have a way of working out in the end… and things have been looking up for me lately! I’ve gotten my confidence back and am all set and raring to go!

Okay, gotta go exercise now!

Seize the day and have a great week!

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