Tom Peter’s Re-imagine

I just got back from a Tom Peter’s seminar at the TICC entitled, “Re-imagine.” Tickets were at NT$5,000 ticket (around Php 7,500), but we got in for free because our friend had a few extra tickets in her sleeve. If you guys have no idea who Tom Peters is, he was the branding guru who wrote the revolutionary book, “In Search for Excellence” 20 years ago which is still quoted in many business schools. Honestly, I was quite curious on what the buzz is all about.

I’d like to answer the question, is Tom Peters all that? 🙂

Seriously, hearing Tom Peters talk to a few thousand listeners was definitely an experience.

I haven’t read his book yet, but I was surprised on how disorganized his speech was. It was as if he was just making his speech as he went along, with him following a rough outline care of a colorful Powerpoint presentation.

But ultimately, I learned quite a lot in these two hours.

I’d like to tell you more, but it’s a bit busy at work. I’ll just post more later when I get the time. Cya later!

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