Sharing the wonderful news…

Well, it’s official — my guy and I are finally and officially together.

After a two months of dancing around and trying to guess each other’s feelings, and not letting everyone know that we’ve been going out, we’ve finally made it known to the world (otherwise known as our close circle of friends) that we’re steadily dating.

It’s been hilarious so far…

Last weekend, more than 10 people have asked us what our status is.

They’ve seen us hang around soooo darn much, that they want to get the real deal from the source themselves (a.k.a. me and the guy).

Surprisingly, when they found out the real status, none were surprised. It was pretty embarrassing, especially for me.

Aside from the usual, “Am so happy for the both of you!”

There were also a few…

Hello! Do you think we’re all blind and stupid?! Of course we knew what was going on! But we only wanted you to tell us!

“My gosh, it was just so obvious!” *followed with a rolling of eyes*

As one friend MSNd me yesterday:

Peter: So, are you both ‘2gether?
Me: Yes. 🙂
Peter: Officially or unofficially?
Me: What’s the difference?
Peter: Officially means you’re off the market…
Peter: Unofficially means you can still date around and kiss other guys…
Me: LOL 😀

Well Peter, all I can say is — it’s official. But I’ll give you a call if ever something happens… 😉

Ultimately however, everyone is so happy for the both of us.

It’s so touching that I personally even wonder why we’re so careful about it in the first place…

But then again, we had our reasons. First, since we work in the same organization, we just didn’t want to jeopardize our working relationship if ever we do break up. We both know how awkward it is if you see your ex bring someone new to an event.

Secondly, he has a past. Hence, he is considerate enough to let the news travel slowly… Both of us don’t want people to talk behind our backs. So we’re taking this real slow…

Given all this, I believe myself to be so fortunate… lucky to have met this guy whom I connect with in so many levels… and blessed to have great friends looking out for both of us. I think I’ve found a great guy, and the best thing is, he thinks I’m awesome too.

Luckily, all of my friends like him. They used to hate my ex with a passion. As I’ve said before, two even treated me to a lovely celebration dinner when I broke up with him…

As Mike have said, “See? Doesn’t it feel good when your friends all like your guy?

Yes Mike… it does feel very, very good… 🙂

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