Rants when bored…

Listening to the “Moulin Rouge” soundtrack…

State of being: Pretty much bored.

Just 40 minutes before I can go hoooooooome!

Wait, no. Not really. I still have Chinese classes to go to.

Boo. Hoo. I don’t even know why I go. I mean, I never even review my lessons. Usually, I just go there and converse with my super-happy teacher, Iris. We like to talk about what’s going on with our lives. And after talking, I feel a lot better.

For NT$320 an hour, that’s relatively inexpensive psychiatric sessions.

It’s such a hassle though since it coincides with my social life.
For example, tonight, I could’ve gone to Oriented’s Happy Hour with Mark, Ingrid, Barb and Nan… instead, I’d have to sit in a dingy, airconditioned room and study Chinese.

But need to keep my focus. I’m doing this to improve my Chinese. Regardless of the fact that my Mandarin is good, I still need my lessons to keep in touch with the language. Have already started to forget many of the words.


I’ve noticed that lots of the things I’ve written in my blog is all about love and relationships. Sigh, never realized that I have so much to say on such a topic. But I guess, that’s what you get for being over-analytical.

It embarrasses me a bit though.

Some of you may think that I do nothing but daydream about love and relationships. Haha, I was a bit hurt when one reader criticized me for my wayward “girly” thoughts. As if I couldn’t think about anything else…

Nothing’s further than the truth.

But it does seem that way, doesn’t it?

Thing is, even if I’m interested in politics, I can’t really say much about Taiwan politics. I’m not too into it to have anything to say. I have my opinions of course, but I’m pretty sure there will be some who will lambaste my opinions as ignorant.

I can imagine it now: “What gives you the right to criticize Taiwan politics?! You don’t know anything about it!!!”

Guilty as charged.

But everyone still has the right to their opinions, right?

I’d like to comment on Philippine politics. Heard from my parents that GMA’s got herself into trouble again. First with her husband’s dealings with juetend (Oh come on! We always knew he was corrupted! Do you know how much money has he already stolen from the government?!), then with the wire-tapped conversations with a COMELEC election official.

Sounds like nothing’s changed in the Philippines…

Everything’s corrupted — From the policemen who stop your car for speeding, to the top official in the government… no wonder there’s no change in our economy.

Sigh. I’m sorry, but ever since I’ve left, I haven’t seen any improvement whatsoever in the state back home.

And my parents want me to go home?!

No. I think not.

I’m actually fighting to stay longer in Taiwan. And if not in Taiwan, anywhere but home.

Sorry for the pessimism, but I did government consultancy for a few months before I left for Taiwan… and I’ve seen how hopeless our government is. And I don’t see any way out. Who’s going to save us?! For our country to be saved, we need good leaders. But even our vice-president is no better. He is as corrupt as any of them!

I don’t think there’s hope. But why do we still stay? Is it because we think of ourselves as Filipino?

Don’t get me wrong: I am proud of my heritage. I am damn proud of being a Filipino. But I am not proud in what is happening back home.

I know a lot more than the average gal… but it’s tinged with so much frustration, negativity and pessimism that it’s not even funny. We can talk about it all we want… but it still won’t change the state of our country. So why talk?

The president is laughing.

Talk all you want. But there won’t be any change.

And this is why I don’t talk much about Philippine politics.

I’d love to… but what for?

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2 thoughts on “Rants when bored…

  1. hahaha! i think you’ve said plenty about philippine politics. i admit to the same frustration, especially since they increased fuel prices today (again!) and the increase is quite significant.

    nevertheless, i couldn’t imagine anywhere else being home. true, the government’s corrupt, things never change, personal security is always a concern, and people don’t feel safe on the streets at night. if everyone just threw up their hands in frustration and gave up, that would be the worst thing to do.

    evil triumphs when good people do nothing. reading comic books taught me that.


  2. MoW, do you think the reason why you can’t imagine living anywhere but home is because you haven’t lived anywhere else? All your life, you’ve lived in the Philippines. Where is your point of comparison?

    Like you, while I was back home, I had the same frustrations as now, but the difference was… I stayed because leaving was never an option for me. My family and friends were there, and Philippines was my home. But now that I’ve travelled and lived elsewhere, I’ve realized that we do have a choice. We can stay and be constantly frustrated. Or we can go elsewhere to greener pastures and live a better life.

    Sounds unpatriotic, isn’t it? Just a thought… what do you think?

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